Monday, September 2, 2013

Random Shots

To all those of you still working, 
I hope you have a peaceful and safe Labor Day. 

My sister and I always enjoyed the parades that were still held in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, when we were children.  It was very much a blue-collar town, mostly Democrats, made 
up of immigrants, first and second generation, who worked at the stockyards, 
the packing plants, and the railroads, among other industries. 
Most of that has gone away, now. 

I'm going to use up some pictures from the last few days that didn't get used. 


Out of things to say this morning. 

I posted this picture on Facebook this morning, it's Abs on her way to help me do chores last night.  She has not been outside much this past week, the humidity is death to pugs, literally. 

Speaking of that, I am getting so irritated at the pictures on Pinterest of pugs dressed in cute outfits. 
I drew the line yesterday when there was a picture of just the head of a pug, buried in the sand at the beach. Number one, pugs are beaten up by the heat in as little as five minutes, so what person in their right mind would take a pug to a beach?  And to deliberately bury your dog in the sand.... for the sake of a "cute" picture????   I tried to unsubscribe from that board, but it would not let me.  I'm trying again, today. 
Is it just me or are there some seriously nutty people loose in this world? 

Here's our good neighbor Troy cutting up the humongous branch that fell from the maple.  Keith took a drive down into Tongie yesterday, and there were trees and branches down everywhere, so the winds must have been a lot stronger than we realized.  Troy also had lots of branches down at his house, but none as large as this one. 

We still have the cleanup to do this morning. 

This innocent looking sweet little bantam, Snow White... is the EGG EATER.  I have caught her in the act now twice. 
Normally, this would mean a sure death if I were a very serious chicken-keeper.  I guess I'm not so serious, but the loss of an egg a day when I am only getting 8 or so eggs daily is sore. 

I am trying to gather eggs off and on all day, going out every two hours or so.  That way, no one, snakes or chickens, is tempted to eat them. 

And, in the category of Bizarre Chicken Stuff: 

Last night, I saw one of my little silkies, Bluey, standing very still and fluffed up outside while everyone around her was fighting for bread I throw out.  I grew worried and went down the steps to check on her.  As I reached down to pick her up, she shuddered... and a yolk dropped from her vent and splatted on the ground, and she ran away quickly.  The other hens, of course, became vultures on the yolk. 

I checked her this morning, and she is fine.  

No picture, my hands were full, though the camera was in my pocket. 

This beautiful dragonfly watched me do the duck's water on Saturday night.  Aren't his eyes wonderful? 

What the heck is THIS, Mary Ann, you ask? 

It's a cicada going down a hole!  I was so nonplussed I could not get the camera into my hands fast enough. 
You can just see the tip of his white tail as he disappears underground.  
My goodness!  I had never seen anything like that before. 

Here's a hot Folly in the henspa, but lo and behold, miracles never cease... I found her down from her beloved top of the nest box yesterday!  Next thing I know, she'll be outside! 

and here's the Old Gentleman, enjoying a few minutes outside.  The heat has bothered him, too. 

Today, Monday, I'm going to do an assessment of the garden.  The beans are coming out, and quite possibly, most of the tomatoes. The chickens in the henspa yard are going to have a feast.  I'll make some notes about what I planted this year, and share them with you tomorrow. 

I have another giveaway in mind... and hope to announce it this week. 

As always, thank you all so much for your comments on our blog.  I hope to get caught up in the next few days on reading yours... it seems the last week flew away before I even knew it.  

Everyone have a safe, peaceful day for your holiday. 


  1. Mary Ann, My problem is with people who dress up their pets as if they were human. I cannot think of any instance where a pet (dog, cat, chicken, goat, etc) would be comfortable in human attire. I know there are some garments that serve a purpose - such as the coats for sheep that prevent flies from laying eggs in their fleece. But other than that - there is just no reason. If they want to throw away their money, there are many charities that they could help. Or they could throw it my way and I promise I would put it to good use. But when I hear stories about a dog that has over fifty-five outfits in its doggie closet, I cringe. I don't have that many clothes. These are the people who will expect us to feed them if/when society as we know if fails. So there you go - just my opinion.

  2. this heat and humidity has been tough on teddy too. she stays inside almost all day. chows have it tough in the heat too. the temps are supposed to drop tomorrow. we all will be happy if they do!

  3. I never understood why people dress their dogs or cats it just seems uncomfortable especially when it is hot outside. Dont work to hard today stay inside with the air conditioner : ) Hopefully the heat will die down soon.

  4. There is no doubt in my mind that thera are truly a lot of crazy people loose in this world. I may be one of them, but sensible enough never to harm any living creatures. Too many have lost their common sense. I loved seeing all your pictures. Hope your egg gathering brings you success and a longer live to the egg eater. Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!

  5. Love your post Mary Ann - there sure are some nuts people out there, animals are animals they don't need dressing up like kids to enjoy life!

  6. I find the dog dressing ridiculous too - and sounds like your hen is having trouble with the egg development, I wonder if that happens now and then without harm. And OOOOh, and EGG EATER??? I'd be frustrated!...

  7. You look very happy to help out with the chores! Happy Labor Day
    Benny & Lily

  8. Sometimes we just run out of things to say.
    Love the dog picks. No goats today?
    Hope they were behaving themselves.


  9. It's always the beautiful ones that end up being naughty!! I love the pictures, lots of happy faces :)

  10. oh oh,, i wear a sweater almost everyday cause i dont have an under coat-
    and so i am always cold in this old farm house.
    and i wear a rain coat when it rains- cause here in oregon- it pours rain.
    but i don't wear people clothes.
    your chickys are so beautiful and Abbey too

  11. It was hot this weekend so I can relate to Abs and Ranger.

    We had a lot of wind too. Luckily nothing came down by the wind, but I did get my chainsaw out and cut on the Sycamore in the yard. Then hubby came home and told me he was going to spank me for doing so because he said the limbs were too high off the ground,etc. I told him it was his fault for leaving me at home alone.

  12. My Mom often dresses us up in doggie clothes, well not often but sometimes, but not stupid like in the sand, or dumb things like that .....she does put this stoooid sock monkey hat on my head, could you tell her to stop doing that.
    Anyway we never got any of your storm, none of it, we don't think we are going to have any moisture until it snows around here. Mom's flowers look really bad cos she is to lazy to water them.
    stella rose

  13. We have one hen who has the problem you described on occaision, some times it's a "wind" egg that won't pass easily. She sat hunkered up, not eating for 2 days once, I put her butt in a dishpan of warm water, rubbed her bottom and out it came (I know, ewwwww!). Do be aware that your egg eater will teach others to do the same, that's why they become stewing hens in a hurry. And as for pugs buried in the sand? The trouble with common sense is that it's not common!

  14. What fantastic photos Mary Ann. Yes, there are plenty of nutty people in the world!

    I read somewhere to try a tilted board for nest boxes, one that would gently roll the eggs to the back and (I guess) into an out of sight place. The idea is that the egg eaters couldn't get to them that way. Can't say I've tried it!


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