Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shine On, Harvest Moon

Just at dusk, tonight.  It's dark now and the moon is a huge orange orb.  
It's nights like these that I wish my little sister were still with us to see how beautiful it is. 
I guess she is looking at it from the other side, though... and has beauty surrounding her. 

Today, I really overdid it in the henspa. 

This. Ticked. Me. Off. 

See that egg in the middle?  See the one by his tail?  


He already had one in his mouth. 

Uh huh. You're not getting that egg in the middle! 


I went in there a half hour later, and he was gone.  He did get one egg, so won't starve tonight.  He needs to eat some of the mice! 

Wanna know how I did it?  

I went in and got two ladles from the kitchen.. held him back with one and scooped the eggs up with the other!  

This kept me busy in the heat this afternoon.  This is the bed Chris trimmed for me a week or so ago, and I got the landscape paper down on it, some dirt... and the straw.  I need about 60 more bags of dirt to cover that straw and paper... but there is dirt holding the paper down right now strategically.  We'll get dirt as we are able through the fall. 

The mums you see in front of you are the castoffs stepdaughter Andrea gave me... they are doing so well and by next year will be almost as big as the huge red one you see on the left. 

She did not know the colors... one is the most delicate pink... you can't see the flowers, but I hope it gets HUGE. 

My assistants were helping me and snacking, too. 

But I have to give them credit... they were holding the paper down for me. 

We were originally going to plant small fruits in this bed... raspberries and blackberries. 
But you know what, folks?  We don't eat that many. 
Rather than do all that work, I am going to put more flowers in it.  

(Not that that isn't work). 

When I got ready to come in and fix some dinner, I put the little ones back in their pen.  Kelly went in at dusk and jumped right up on his "bed".  He and Kody always went right in at dusk. 

I took the opportunity to lock the little girls up, and took the mower in and cut the grass in their pen. 

They had to come out and check out what I had done when I finished.  However... I kept an eye on them, and by the time I finished taking the picture of the moon at dusk, they had gone back in. 

The ladies of the henspa lucked out because I had so much straw.. I took half a bale over to them and they tore right into it.  I always put it in two or three piles, so the little birds and pullets can join in. 

Notice who is directing the show now? 

Ferdy, aka Ferdinand.  

He appears to have taken over. 

I put the game camera out in the pasture tonight... I noticed both big dogs picked up on something this morning as they trekked around the pasture.  We'll see in the morning what it is, I hope. 

Also... we had a warm day today, up to 93.  Tomorrow is supposed to be hot and sultry, before a cool down. 
I caught on the news just a minute as I came in that severe storms may be in order, tomorrow night into Friday morning.  
I'm scared to be alone during storms, I admit it.  So are the dogs! 

Can't wait 'til Keith gets home! 


  1. Your farm is so beautiful, and looks like a lot of love has been put into it.
    Its been a year now since we started following you- I think- maybe longer,, but I remember you speaking about your sister.
    Our heart sends love to you- as you look at the moon and wish she can see it too. Your sister is part of the universe-- the moon and stars and love- so she can see it.
    The moon is not up here yet.
    Thank you for your love for little Tweedles.
    moms and tweedles

  2. They look like they had a blast helping you! I'm very impressed you got those eggs. You go girl!

  3. We went out earlier and looked at that beautiful moon. I hope tomorrow night is clear so we can see it in all its glory.

    Glad to see you got mad at that big black snake. How dare he take your eggs instead of mice! You work way too hard for him to hog so many.

    I love seeing the 3 goats together. Hopefully it won't be long until they're all happy together there. I've thought so much about sweet little Kelly being lonesome now.

    And you take so much pleasure from your garden flowers that you ought to plant as many as you want!

  4. Mary Ann,

    Can you pickup the snake with a pitch fork and fling him out of the chicken coop?

    Beautiful moon in the picture! Your sister is on the other side saying the same thing while she watches over you and the farm.

    It's hard when our husbands go out of town. We put ourselves on extra alert to make sure everything is fine especially at night on the home front. We don't sleep well when their out of town either. Can you put some soft music on while the storm is passing?

  5. Mary Ann, you are much more patient than I could ever be with that snake! Mice catcher or not, the snake and I could not co-exist!

  6. wow , you are soooo brave getting that egg. Are your snakes poisonous????

  7. You are the queen of snake charming! I would not. go. near. that. evil. creature! :) I was looking at the same moon last night, and it sure was gorgeous!

  8. Looks like you are getting ready for fall. I've not done anything here yet, I need to but am putting it off. Plenty of nice cool fall days will be coming through October. Your crew of helpers are so cute.

  9. My mom was so tired last night that she didn't even see the moon darnit! Your farm is so pretty Mary Ann and I know how much work it takes to keep it that way, heck Mom has problems just keeping the yard here in town nice! We hate those snakes are one brave brave woman. We are glad all your little goats are doing fine.
    Stella Rose

  10. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have bookmarked you to check out new stuff you post. Travesti

  11. That's a pretty good idea......but I was thinking more on the lines of one of those trash picker uppers for keeping that greedy snake back.

    How do blueberry bushes do there? They thrive in MS. Also, pears are a great tree for us. Mine are loaded this year. And they neither don't take that long to get to production.

    I love my figs, but so do the squirrels and raccoons.

    Apples and peaches don't do well. Nut trees take too long to produce.

  12. You have the most adorable assistants. The moon was just as beautiful this morning
    Benny & Lily

  13. Looks like Winnie and Windy are settling right in with Kellie. We are supposed to have storms too, later this evening and night. I hate storms, so I hope they wait till Kevin gets home about 11 p.m. You are so much braver than I am. I cringe every time I see the snakes. I am just not a fan. In fact, I am terrified of them. No way I could have taken an egg from this one. LOL I would have run screaming back to the house and let him have it. LOL At least it is almost time for them to hibernate. ;) I hope you have a good day with all your little helpers.

  14. Yet another holy crap post :-O. You have a crazy farm life crazy woman! :-D


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