Thursday, September 26, 2013

One of my Favorite Chores

You know, cleaning the chicken houses out really ARE some of my favorite chores, because you feel so successful when you finish. 

Pretty dirty work while it lasts, though. 


And it got to 88 degree today, on top of it. 

However, this dirt like mixture of broken down straw, feed, etc. will be good for the garden beds.  I have to keep Kelly out of it, though, so may have to put screens over it. 

Here's the cart, chock full.  I had put three flakes of straw on top of it, to take to the henspa yard for the hens in there to "play" with it. 

I'm going out as soon as I finish this post to shovel it on the new flower bed I started last week. 

I would say this is the entire feed room, and half the coop side of the old henhouse.  
I'll get the rest tomorrow afternoon. 

It took me a while to load all this in the back of the truck, because my helper was so busy! 

These two little birds were enjoying the henyard as I filled the pool this afternoon.  When it gets a little cooler, I'll only fill the pool once a day.  In the winter, I'll be using a deep fortex, and not the pool. 
Back to the birds... the little hen is still laying every other day, a nice small white egg. 
All the other birds were in the pasture, so they were at peace and enjoying it. 

The ducks were out there with them, even gimpy Donald.  I noticed he laid and watched his girls today, but he is able to get on his feet and get around, tho still limping. 

Even though there is plenty of corn in the fields, cornstalks are hard to come by here.  These beautiful cornstalks were sold to Keith yesterday by our feed store... they were only able to get a few.  It's Indian corn, and these stalks are going up on the porch tomorrow. 

The goats approved! 

And here's Keith and Lilly this evening soaking up some rays on the deck... Keith prefers the heat of the sun to the air conditioning inside. 

I hope everyone is having a great evening! 


  1. Aw Keith and Lily look like they are having a nice relaxing time.
    Pretty out there !

  2. You may want to move those corn stalks a lot higher. From here it looks like goat fodder. :-}

  3. They do say that if you enjoy what you do it isn't really work at all. Sounds like you do enjoy it. It's only been in the low 70's here and I got out on my patio to catch a few rays of sunshine here yesterday afternoon too. No need at all for the a/c There are plenty of cornstalks around here but I usually don't decorate with them. One year I put out some Indian Corn in a wreath for decoration on the porch and the squirrels ate it. Now I decorate with it indoors. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  4. I do feel so proud and happy when I finish a chore!

    Happy weekend.

  5. I always enjoy pictures of your farm and seeing the fruit of your labor.

    Thinking of you, Mary Ann.

  6. Oh My Mary Ann!
    Things are looking so good round your place. We always want what we haven't got and right now I want some chickens and a smaller waistline.
    I'm more likely to get the chickens!
    Cheers gillian


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