Friday, September 13, 2013

Foiled by Daddy!

We have had a bad problem with the goats getting into the old henyard. 

You see, there is no shade in their yard, and the old henyard is completely shady.  I can't blame them, really. 

The problem is, they like to eat the chicken feed... AND... the other real problem is that they began tearing at the drywall in the henhouse. 

Drywall in the henhouse, you say????

The old henhouse here was used as a place for children of those who were picking strawberries on this strawberry farm to stay while their parents were picking.  It had air conditioning and a heater, and the young boys of the family who lived here before us used it as a clubhouse.  It was left a nasty wreck by those teens after we closed on the house... but that's another story. 

We converted it to a chicken coop. 

Snakes and mice began to tunnel and live behind the drywall with the effect that nearly all the electrical sockets in there are out.  Thank heavens I won't have to run a line to a water tank OR to the little red henhouse, which is now closed up, this winter, because there are only two sockets working. 

Someday.... we intend to tear it down.  Someday. 

Last night I had a scare... Kody exhibited some of the same signs as Kaycee did, discomfort in the belly, peeing, etc.,  I came in and told Keith, who, to give him credit, sprang up and went out and looked for some plywood. 

Here is the result: 

Ta da! 

Here is the "entrance" to the henyard.  Unfortunately, most of the hens have not realized what it is, they just know their gate is closed. 

HEY!  What's the deal here????
Our gate is closed!  (on left)
What's THIS thing? 

No problem... I can.... ugh... get in... ugh.... here.... 


Ummmm maybe we'll just eat some of this grass for now. 

The boys were foiled, thanks to Keith.  

For today, they are in the yard since I am home all day, until evening, when I must go get Nathan. 

I try to keep them in the yard many days, as there is lots for them to browse on, water on the porch for them, and safety and shade. 

I don't mind sweeping a few goat berries off the deck now and then. 

How glad I was to see Kody playing normally this morning! 

And you see... I have replaced our beautiful red, white and blue petunias that smelled so luscious all summer with the colors of fall, and mums. 

In an effort to get everyone interested in the new doorway, I poured some corn inside and outside.  The ducks immediately came over to see what the corn was all about, but the chickens have accepted that they are prisoners.  There IS one hen on the outside... she went over to the goat yard earlier to lay an egg.  I'm hoping she figures out where the hole is, and shows it to everyone else. 

That's okay, Mamaaa... I like it better HERE anyway! 

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the book shown on yesterday's post... 

We'll be pulling a name in the morning! 


  1. So good to hear that is playing normally today. That would be a scare for sure. Hopefully the chicks will discover they really do have an opening there.

  2. OMPUG we thought he was gonna burrow his way through that opening...boy we are sure glad you have him foiled...he was very determined wasn't he. It is nice today here also, we are so hoping for a great weekend! OUr momma is taking the two grandgirls to the Des Moines Zoo on Sunday.
    Stella rose

  3. Oh good that looks and works great! LOL I knew they'd try to fit through the hole. Love the pictures.

  4. I bet they chewed a little on the plywood didn't they. My goats have been nibbling at the paint on barn. They are always into something. The goats are so cute together. Good thing you don't have turkeys - they would never learn that hole. The chickens will - eventually.

  5. Good thinking Keith! Those little stinkers are foiled for sure now.

    Happy weekend.

  6. Fast on his feet and quick at fixing the problem way to go Keith. Hopefully those little stinkers will stay out of the henhouse and out on the property.

  7. It looks like he was about to fit threw I would have been amazed! Your boys dont eat on your beautiful mums?

  8. Your goats are adorable. It sounds like they are into everything.

  9. Hope all stay well!! You don't want another sick goat!! So the goats figure out the passageway before the chickens !! Funny!!

  10. Hehe the goats look a little confused! For their own good though :-)

  11. Silly boys! Glad you've foiled them. I'm sure the chickens will figure it out eventually.


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