Monday, September 23, 2013

A Gorgeous Second Day of Fall

What a beautiful day in Leavenworth County!

A good day to work at garden clean-up and catch-up. 

My helpers were right there working with me. 

I was picking all the tomato plants out, and gleaning what I could from them.  I'll take them down to the brush pile tomorrow. 

Ooops... stood right in the light... but I got about ten pounds of SuperSauce tomatoes I couldn't bear to throw out.  If Kathy next door does not want them, I'll take them to the food pantry tomorrow morning. 

Don't look now!  There is ONE Howden pumpkin forming!!!  Who knows?  We may actually get a few pumpkins for Halloween!

This one is actually about at 2 pounds at the moment, the picture is a little deceptive. 

There are still six small melons ripening in this barrel.  

These are in the whiskey barrel next to the ones above. They are the only ones that squash bugs appeared on, and I couldn't save them. 

The empty boxes... and we'll rotate next year.  I guess I did leave ONE tomato in there, after pruning it down to where it was blooming again.  There is also a green pepper, on the left, that is awash with tiny peppers.  I left it, too.  

Tomorrow (or after dinner) I'll hook the wagon up and take all the debris down to the pasture. 

The last petunias of the year are on the deck of the henspa, and still going strong. 

It was a great day for sunbaths, too! 


  1. yay! It does look like a nice day :) I am loving your helpers!! :) They are all looking quite happy! My paws are crossed you do get some pumpkins! ;)

  2. Beautiful day today here too. Wish I had a few more tomatoes. I guess we just had too much rain for them to do well.

  3. My tomatoes did horrible this was too wet here...and grow good ones. I keep trying, but never have much luck. Your hens dig holes like our do, I see. Some of them are so deep, I have to be really careful when I mow in their pen! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  4. I was a beautiful day here today as well. Tomorrow I plan on digging up my tomato plants. This year was a wonderful year for tomatoes for me. I am so sick of tomatoes right now though. LOL

  5. Nice looking harvest on tomatoes, what are you plans with them? Canning tomatoes sauce, canning entire tomatoes or maybe freezing them?

    It has turned out to be relatively nice out today. I will also be pulling out my cart/wagon to carry all my finished plants to the compost.

  6. I'm so glad you had a good day there! Isn't autumn wonderful!

  7. That is one lucky chicky to be able to roll in the dirt and stuff!
    Your garden is so beautiful- and lots of good stuffs to eat.

  8. Glad you are enjoying such nice weather. It's really cool here this morning, it was 38 degrees out when I got up. It'll warm up later on. It would be a great day to get out and do some yard work here, but I'll be watching my daughters little boy so I won't do much of anything else today. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  9. One year we had so many green tomatoes left on the vine and it was going to frost. We picked them and I made green tomato pickles. They turned out pretty good.

  10. We have several dirt craters the chickens have created too, always funny to see them dusting themselves. Your chickens would love those left over tomatos too...

  11. Are you ready for the Fall so you can slow down a bit?? Your yard is so pretty tho and we do enjoy looking at all the pictures!
    stella rose

  12. What a lovely garden you have! You can't get good help these days like your kids, BOL
    Benny & Lily


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