Monday, September 9, 2013

A Different Load on the Duck Pond Express

This morning, I carted the debris Chris and I had cut down to the brush pile, which grows ever larger in our pasture.  At least little critters have some cover under it! 
I wish some quail would move in!  We have not seen quail here now in three years. 

Then I came back up to start the sprinkler in the garden for a while, since the hot sun these last few days has really beaten down everything. 

Pitiful, huh?  It's the pumpkins. 

They are getting water daily, but the sun is just beating them to pieces.  They were all perked up and nice this morning.  The draining raised bed is not for them, I'm afraid. 

The garden mums are about to start their fall display, just when the petunias have ended their summer show. 

I am watering in this bed this morning, but this mum and the one behind it are about to burst into flowery flame. 

I cut down the now-spent sunflowers, and Chris and I cut weeds and pulled vines off the compost area. 
That's a small tree growing there on the left, and I am going to cut it down this week.  Chris will be back up in October or late September to cut down a number of saplings.  You see my helpers were hard at it this morning. 

There is still some color in the beds... and you can see the sunflowers that were about to get loaded in the cart and moved down to the brush pile.  As much as we enjoyed the sunflowers, they are going to be planted somewhere else next year. Their massive stalks had to be sawed through, literally... and their roots will pull up big holes in the beds, that I'll  have to haul dirt to fill in.  I want to pass on that next year. 

And here's the Duck Pond Express, loaded with fall decorations for the house... let the decorating begin! 

Please PLEASE don't go to work, Daddy! 


  1. You are keeping busy! Your mum's look nice!

  2. I should not complain about our heat here as it is nothing compared to yours. I hope you get some relief soon. I can't even get in the mood for fall decorating at all yet. I look at pretty things on Pinterest but just don't have the motivation to do anything yet. We're supposed to have a cold front come through next weekend so maybe then.

    I love your sweet little helpers and the two babies sitting at Daddy's feet. Abby thinks that she just might convince him not to go, doesn't she?

  3. My one and only mum that survived over the winter hasn't even a single bud on it yet. I'm so tempted to go out and buy more, but I think this year I may just use the artificial variety on the porch for some color. Things are fading fast and now I'm looking forward the leaves on the trees changing to add some color. I spent some time yesterday and today doing a little fall decorating inside. That picture at the bottom is a keeper. How they must love their daddy!

  4. Your mums are super duper beautiful!!!
    stella rose

  5. Poor pumpkins.

    Those mums are going to have a million flowers on them.

    The girls don't want daddy to go!

  6. Those pumpkins look as if a good frost hit them!

  7. oh those poor pumpkins! we are dry as a bone here too ad the hot weather is about to hit. right now it is thundering but i am afraid the storm will miss us. your mums are going to be gorgeous! please take photos!

  8. The heat sure does a number
    on the flowers and garden.

    I wish it would cool down a bit so I can get
    some of my pots emptied. I have several that aren't
    looking too good.

    M :)

  9. Aw, I hate it when pumpkins or squash look like that. Heart break! Your garden looks pretty good though. You're persistence is paying off.

  10. Those pumpkins do look hot .Our garden beds are just as dry.
    Lovely to see sunflowers in your garden. Did you know that they are goat's favourite food . They love the part with the seeds in them . If we have a goat that has been unwell and needs to put weight on , we feed them some sunflower seeds in with their feed ration.

  11. LOL.. that adorable PUG FACE!

  12. Loving the garden helpers! With help like that even I could get in to gardening :-)

  13. Looking forward to seeing your fall decorations. Enjoyed the visit to the pumpkin patch.

  14. Awww I just love the pictures of the goaties and the doggies with their dad. Really enjoyed the garden pictures, I feel like I'm getting out a little bit through your pictures since I'm stuck mostly in bed still :) Making me feel better today!


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