Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More Tomatoes

I took that bucket of tomatoes I picked yesterday, and went out to get some more this morning. 
I've decided to pull up the Super Sauces... they are just too firm and meaty for my liking, and taking forever to ripen... and frankly, I have enough tomato products in our freezer for the winter for just Keith and me. 

 These are a mixture of Gypsy and Abu Rawan, the cracked ones are the Abus... they almost all cracked... and they have the distinctive green "cap", of the one on the right.  

That's a Gypsy second from right in the lower row. 

Sweet tomato goodness... and yes, there are some Super Sauce slices in this bowl. 
As you will note, I do NOT remove my skins.  They go in the blender this way. 

Crummy blender picture, but you get it, I'm sure. 

Those tomatoes became this pot of tomatoey goodness.  
I used Mrs. Wages Italian sauce blend, and a quarter cup of sugar.  Boiled, then simmered for 25 minutes. 

Made this much.... perfect for Keith and me.  I am going to keep using these smaller containers.  You see a larger one on the right... I'll use this sauce first.  The other three are going into the deep freeze this afternoon to be used during the winter.  These little containers hold just the right amount for one dinner helping for us, with no waste.  Perfect! 

Those are some of our pears marching along on the counter behind the sauce. 

Ranger's meds. 

Ubiquitous cords. 

I wish my counters looked like those on Pinterest, but what the hey? 

We live here. 

Gratuitous picture of Lilly Ann, because she is so gorgeous! 


  1. Your tomoto sauce is making us hungry! We love Lilly Ann's picture.
    stella rose

  2. Lilly the Guardian Warrior Queen is striking a regal pose.

    That sauce will be very welcomed during cold, wet and stormy days.

  3. All those yummy tomatoes I think I am going to try growing some tomatoes next year because there is nothing that beats the taste of a fresh picked tomato! Lily Ann is such a beauty : )

  4. you are giving me sauce gilt! this time last year i had made tons of sauce and this year not a drop yet. i better get busy!

  5. Lilly Ann sure is gorgeous, no excuse needed for that beautiful picture!

  6. That sauce is going to be so appreciated when winter comes. I know from past years when I used to can and freeze things just how good it tastes. Nothing we can buy in the stores matches that good flavor for sure! I don't do it any more but I do enjoy the fresh tomatoes from the road side stands. I used to get them by the basketfuls from friends that had gardens too, but pretty much everyone I know these days has stopped gardening. That picture of the dog is gorgeous. How happy she looks!

  7. Sounds like you have it all planned out.
    Looking good.


  8. Yay lots of tomatoey goodness, looks delicious! :)


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