Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Surprise Under a Leaf

I am working on trying to get saplings, etc. cut down out in the yard, with pruners and saw. 

Look what I found today while cleaning around the big walnut tree! 

I don't think he or she is with us for long, though, because it looked as if it were struggling. 

So very beautiful.  I looked around for others, but did not see any. 

Look!  There was a boat in there! 

Actually, Keith's dad's old fishing boat has been with us for three or four years now.  The inside needs to be rebuilt, and it hasn't been moved in so long, I don't know if both tires are decent. 
I'm going to have to get Good Neighbor Troy to come over with his chainsaw and cut a particularly large sapling underneath it, and a couple in back of it. 

However, I sawed down a PILE. 

I ran into a patch of bristly greenbrier, but I was paying attention and did not touch it.  It's getting Roundup, no bones about it. 

My helpers were helping me. 

Well, one of them was helping me and two were slacking off. 

I am not supposed to hate anything, but I thoroughly dislike these stink bugs. 

This is how Abby's day started.  Yes, she is dieting now. 
Thank you, Dr. Ripperger for not yelling at me. 
Rhonda, you are always a doll! 

She is not diabetic, we are waiting for results of a urinalysis, so not out of the woods yet. 
She spazzed out for a good two hours after we got home.  All is quiet tonight. 

Tomorrow, the goats go to meet their new doctor, Dr. LaRosh, in Tonganoxie. 
That should be interesting! 

I had some more things to talk about tonight, but the computer and satellite are not talking to each other very much, so I am giving up. 

The Mother Earth Fair will be here in a couple of weeks... I had hoped to attend, but my (umpteenth) high school reunion is that weekend, and also, the Kaw Valley Farm Tour. 
I'm hoping the crew from Cranky Puppy are going and will write about it! 

More tomorrow, when the satellite is working again. 


  1. I see you've been extremely productive with the pruners and saw. I have an area that looks like your area to tackle. This needs to be done soon to clear the gas meters. Oh your helpers are very interested in checking things out.

    Your pup is not a diabetic, thank God. What are you doing to help her lose weight? I have a male Chihuahua he's 6 years old, we rescued about 2 years ago. He was over weight then, and still is the same weight (because we spoil him). He needs to lose the weight. We've cut his dog food down to 1/2 cup of dry once in the morning and once in the evening. We try not to give him human food, and we keep him moving all the time. Right now he's 17.3 pounds. He needs to be 13 pounds.

  2. Your two new little goats are adorable!! Bet it wasn't long before they got in there and help to eat/clear things out a bit!! I'm hope and praying that everyone is staying well!!

  3. Some things do deserve round up!

    Hope Abs is okay.

    And all goes well at the new Doc visit.

  4. Those little saplings have a way of taking over and grow fast. Even here in town where I live I'm always finding a few that try to take over. You have so much space there it would be a constant effort to keep up with it all. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  5. My goats would make a quick clean up of those cut trees. You are getting do much done these days. I am envious.

  6. cute pictures, great helpers you have there! Paws crossed all comes back well with Abby's tests!

  7. Beautiful butterfly. Love the boat and your helpers
    Benny & Lily


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