Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pictures Galore

Lots of pictures today to use up some that are stacking up in the computer. 

Hmmmm.  I found this in the goat barn when I took the fresh water in about an hour ago, today. 


I still have seen no rats, but this looks like a rat hole to me. 

It's within about six inches of the door of the goat barn. 

See that big hole in the wall, the highest? 

While I was working on the divider between the coop side and the feed room side today, 
I kept hearing a buzzing.  I was putting staples in the framework, trying to fix the fencing that divides the two spaces.  I stood up to see a wasp go in the hole. 

I hate to say it... but it's going to get wasp-freezed with the super spray. 

This whole side had become loose.  You see, the birds all walked back and forth between the two rooms at will.  I realized about a week ago that the Elvi were terrorising Butch, my one eyed pet rooster who lives in the feed room. 

I noticed he was spending a lot of time up in the window.  Last night, I put him in the nursing cage, with water and feed.  He attacked the food bowl and ate and ate. 

I realized I needed to straighten everyone out. 

So this afternoon, I cut some chicken wire, and closed off the door (out of sight to the left) and this whole section... if you look hard, you can see the new wire against the old. 
Then Butch went back down into the litter. 

Tomorrow, I'll scoop out all the old litter and dress things with fresh straw.  This litter is going onto the bed I started last week.  I can't do it while the goats are loose, because I am keeping them far away from chicken feed. 

And speaking of the goats... 
I can't have a wreath on the porch now. 

Now I understand why my fall wreath was on the floor twice. 

That's our beverage container, which we rarely use. 

Uh huh. 

Gratuitous goat cuteness, thank you, Windy. 

The Donald has an injury, and I am watching him very closely.  When he is up, I see no open, raw places on his leg or webbed foot, but he has a pronounced limp.  

And in other news, the Kaw Valley Farm Tour is two weeks away.  Last year, tour days were raw and cold and blustery, and I had the flu.  
I'm hoping to participate this year, because there are lots of new places to visit.  I always get good ideas from the farms visited. 

Still getting a last blast of flowers. 

And I love, love, love the color of these mums on the deck. 

Today, while stopping at the feed store, I asked where they had gotten their beautiful cornstalks with which they had decorated.  I have a picture... if I could find it on my phone!!!
Anyway, Keith stopped by to get a bale of straw for me to clean the big henhouse tomorrow... and there in the back of the truck was a cornstalk, a big one!  I asked him how he happened to get it, and he said the feedstore had given it to him!  
Marti must have found one extra for me!  Thanks, Marti! 

I hope to find more so I can get our deck in shape... then the goats can lay on straw bales to their hearts content.  

I leave you with a picture of early morning here today at Calamity Acres.  There was fog coming off the ponds, and it was truly a beautiful scene.  I am so blessed by God to be able to get out and take care of the animals, and enjoy each and every day. 
I am truly grateful to Him! 


  1. Love the mums and all the pictures but the goatie pics are of course my favorite!! :)

  2. We love looking at all your happy animals and happy flowers and happy farm!

  3. Love your morning shot, and those adorable goats. I hope Donald has just been really active with his ladies, and isn't actually injured.

  4. Cute goats. We had goats once. Until the one kept getting on top of the vehicle.

  5. the goats are so cute laying on your porch! i can't wait to see them on bales of hay.

  6. Lovely pictures. The mums are huge! And gorgeous. I should probably put that in there, too. :)

    Goats are evil, as you know. If they can reach it, they'll definitely try to taste it.

  7. It is a blessing to be able to enjoy these beautiful fall days. I never tire of looking around at nature. You are doubly blessed with your creatures there on the farm.

  8. There are always 1,2, 50 repairs to be made at our house.

    Poor Donald.

    We had bad fog on the drive in yesterday.

  9. Being a mom on your farm is hard work, you have to take care of those big holes, chickens, ducks with hurt legs, goats that sleep on the coolers and steal your wreaths...our mom just takes care of us...she said we are hard work also....bahhahahah
    stella rose, maggie and gussie

  10. It was our first heavy fog morning in a long time. I do love it. Those mums are a marvelous color! And I'd give up a fall wreath to have those little cuties on the porch too!

  11. Yup that hole looks very similar to a hole I had in my compost.....not too long after I found a rat in the hole!!


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