Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Storm in the Morning

We awoke to lightening brightening up the bedroom this morning, early, around 5 AM. 
Next thing I knew... the wind was blowing hard, and rain was hitting the windows.  Keith had gone into the spare room, and told me afterwards that all three dogs were with him... I'm sure they got nervous with the storm. 

Here's what we saw when the light came up: 

and from below: 

Somehow, the glass topped table did not break. 

By the HEALTHY, younger walnut tree next to the old henhouse, a whole ring of branches came down, as if a giant had reached up with his penknife and made a semi-circle cut. 
I'm hoping we can load these all in the back of the GMC and take them to the brush pile at the bottom of the pasture. 

Of course, the tree we always worry about, the very old walnut tree with the hollow trunk... dropped nothing but a few walnuts.  

It was our gigantic old maple with it's soft wood that shed so many branches, here seen as I walked across the yard from getting the paper. 

(Yes, those are MORE branches down on the ground on the right).  

The camera was fogging up... but these guys watched from the pophole while I did the outside waterers.  Then I brought them into the yard for the morning and part of the afternoon.  While Keith is gone to the grocery store, they are back in the pasture for a bit.  We feel better when they don't have a twelve hour run of the henyard. 

This, folks, is a two duck-egg snake. 
Ask me how I know. 

(and he was BIG) 

And yee ha, let the Fall Baking Begin! 
Apple crisp made from our VERY OWN APPLES this morning! 

The first of many, we hope. 



  1. Those goats are adorable, no good about the tree. I would have a fit if I seen that snake at my house, soooo scary

  2. So happy we got some much needed rain.
    Hope your trees are ok. We just had a few
    branches in our yard. The afternoon
    sun has made it warm again but at least we
    got some rain.
    Goats are cute--snake not so much!


  3. It's a shame you can't figure out a way to make money raising snakes!

  4. you sure have your share of snakes! glad no more damage came from the storm. the goats look so cute peaking out of the pophole!

  5. That snake looks like he might like to strike. That Maple is beautiful & so are the goats.

  6. I guess you did have quite a storm. We've had dark clouds and thunder here but no rain. After this front moves through we have promises of cooler temps in the 70's. I'm thankful at this point that September has arrived. This heat and humidity are really getting to me.

  7. I could use a lil rain. Glad that nothing got damaged.

  8. Oh no!! :( glad the damage wasn't worse. We've been getting horrible storms too and so far we got hit by lightening once at the house but not again. worst time of year for that. Your crisp has me drooling, it looks so good!

  9. I hate getting wind damage. That darn snake.

    Yummy looking apple crisp. lol...I had one apple on my tree.


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