Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's 2:30, Do You Know Where Your Snake Is?

If. It. Would. Just. Cool. Down. 

They would all go back underground! 

Honestly, I am not going to show you more snakes today, though I am going out in a minute to make sure I get some eggs from the henspa today. 

I have been watching the ducks now for a few days as I do chores. 

If you can see in the dappled sunlight... the Khaki Campbell girls, Cinnamon, Spice and Fawni have all lightened up considerably in the summer sun.

You can see them a little better in the full sun.  Donald is ever-vigilant. (on buzzard watch!) 

See how dark Cinnamon and Spice were when they came here?  Cinnamon, especially! 

This is the view I usually have while filling the duck pond! 

I hurried to cut the yard this morning, as we are still expecting severe storms and possible high winds late this afternoon and into the evening. 

Does anyone know what these gorgeous berries and this bush is?  I haven't had time to look it up yet. 

My gosh, they're pretty, and I sure don't remember them from last year.  
This fence line (the west) has become very overgrown.  I can see a fall project here. 

Oh, Honey-about-to-get-home-from-training-people-for-a-week.... there's a little project waiting for you. 

That was our very first pophole ramp. 

Too many goat hooves. (and heavy turkeys)

There's another ramp on the side, so the chickens can either hop up or walk up the higher ramp. 

I went outside this morning at 5:30 to get this picture... I am just absolutely fascinated with the Harvest Moon for some reason.  My little point and shoot did a good job... and right now, this afternoon, more clouds are gathering before the storm. 

I'll be sure to batten down the hatches before coming in for the night tonight, and yes, I'm a FRAIDY-CAT!!!


  1. aren't ducks the best guardians? i had two, seymore and charlie, when i was young. the moment someone set foot on our street they would make more noise than the biggest watchdog. that is a fabulous shot of the moon!

  2. What are you afraid of? I'm a new follower and love seeing and reading about your animals/farm. We live south in Ok and are hoping to get some rain tonight and tomorrow. We are thankful for every drop!

  3. I'm like you, fascinated by the harvest moon. I was out driving to the store around 7pm and the moon was a bit above the horizon, but not yet all the way up and was huge and orange. So pretty!

  4. Love your harvest moon picture . The harvest moon fascinates me too and the coyotes around here seem to be excited about it as a lot of yippie howling the pack is doing lately.

  5. You take the most beautiful photos- and tell such good stories. The moon is beautiful- and your moon last night - reminded us to look at our moon- and we did when it came over the trees in the forest. It was so beautiful- and we thought of you.
    The duckies look so happy in their mud puddle.

  6. That picture of the Harvest Moon is spectacular. Hope your storms weren't too bad. We had some thunder and rain in the early morning hours here, but now it has stopped. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  7. Whatever those berries are, don't cut them down when you clean the fence line. Probably at least good for the wild life if not good for the bipeds.

    Our horses change colors too.

    I think we are getting the same storms you are getting. Suppose to rain a lot today and tomorrow.

    Happy weekend, let me know if you find out what those are.

  8. The moon was gorgeous last night. We have chickens, but I think we could use a few ducks.

  9. After a quick google I think it might be a viburnum. Did it flower this spring?

  10. That moon photo is beautiful! I don't know what that bush is, but those berries are so pretty. Have a good weekend. laurie


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