Saturday, September 7, 2013

Okay, So This is Ridiculous

Here is what the temp was on my way home from taking Chris to Garnett.  As I got about two miles from home, it dropped to 103.  Whew. 

I was stunned to see that everyone was okay when I went out to do the waterers. 

Every single waterer got done this morning and this afternoon, as soon as I got back from taking Chris home. 

This pool was full this morning, to the top... so you see that the ducks put it to good use today.  The thing that works so well here is that the pool keeps Swamplandia wet and cool. 

And you can see that Mary agrees, and was standing in the small puddle when I got to the yard. 

Look who finally found the downed tree, and had a great time climbing up and down it! 

As you see, Kelly has no chain collar on.  We had one on both Kody and Kaycee, if you remember. 

Yesterday, I went outside, and called Kody to put him in his pen with Kelly. 
He did not come, and I realized that Kelly was calling me loudly from the chicken yard, and yes, this is unusual because Kody is usually louder and first. 

Kody's collar had hooked itself by the little plastic clasp to the side of the 4 x 4 chainlink pen I used to keep the juvenile birds in.  He could not get loose, and thank heavens, was standing, but pulling wildly against the chainlink and the BREAKAWAY COLLAR DID NOT BREAK. 

No more collars. 
Except when they are being trimmed, no more collars.  It was too close a call and scared me badly. 

Chris and I cut a lot of weedy debris down, and tomorrow, IF it is a little cooler, Keith and I will haul it down to the brush pile in the pasture.  I'm leaving the popholes open tonight, because the heat is the worst enemy. 

Here's Chris and Me this morning, before we left for Garnett.  I remember when he was knee high to a grasshopper! 

Now he towers over his old gran! 

Today my brother Mike and sister in law Robin celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary... my gosh... I was 13 when they married, and the day was as hot as this one has been.  

I can't believe how times flies, but the proof is in the above picture! 


  1. I'm so sorry to read it's still quite hot there. I hate to even say, but we've had such a lovely drop in temps - we are so grateful. The animals are always up to something, aren't they? What a lovely photo of you and your grandson. :)

  2. that was a close call! glad you found him and got him unhooked. hope you cool down soon. we are about to have indian summer this week which i dread. we have been having very nice cool weather.

  3. I'm happy to say that it is finally cooling down here in West Virginia! Right now it is a cool 72 degrees outside and just heavenly. I really hate it when the temperatures are above 90 and can't stand it when it is in the 100's! Glad that your goat was ok when you found it! I had a flashback from reading that from a few years ago. I have a neighbor who got a few of those little goats to clean up the hillside. They had them tied up and the one poor goat must had slipped and the chain hung the poor little thing. I found it dead on my way home so I had to go tell the neighbor his goat was dead. I think I found another one almost dead and that is when he finally got rid of the goats. Thank God! Unfortunately, I have a lot of horrific animal stories I could tell about the poor animals that live on our road.... Hope it is cooler at your place tomorrow!

  4. I can identify with goats getting hooked on something...except in our case it was his horns! I'm so glad he's ok. I hope you soon get some relief from this heat!!

  5. I don't blame you for swearing off collars. There have been horses killed by hooking their halters and then falling and choking.

  6. Those chains are supposed to break away if they get caught. I had those on my goats, but never had one get broken. Maybe none of mine ever got caught and I was lucky. I don't blame you for taking it off Kody. I am glad your little guy is ok. We have a thermometer that tells us the heat index. At one point today it ready 111*. Uggg, I am ready for summer to be over. Your grandson looks like a happy young man.

  7. I am in awe of all you do in that heat. If it gets in the high 80's here I'm immovable. Truly I don't do well in heat at all. So glad you have that nice young man to help you out. We've cooled down to some 70 degree days this week but I see this coming week will bring some days close to 90. I'll be in the a/c then for sure. Take good care and have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. I'm glad he was okay.

    Congrats to them on their anniversary.

  9. So cute, who doesn't love climbing a good tree? :) Love that picture of you and Chris, he is tall and I'm so glad he's such a good helper!


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