Friday, September 27, 2013


I was working in the old henhouse late this afternoon.  I finally finished up shoveling, and went out to do the duck pond. 

Pretty soon I heard 

"Oh,  Mary Ann"  

And again... 

"Honey, where are you?" 

I got up and went out into the yard to find Keith. 

He pointed to the west: 

The poor henspa flock never gets out on the grass, because Lilly would kill them all. 

Well... guess what?  Lilly and Ranger were both out. 
Ranger has only killed one bird here in seven years, a duck, right after he came here. 

Lilly has killed many. 

She watched them, but did nothing. 

The pullets were all in one bunch, two were under the vines. They looked so happy. 

Ferdy was keeping track of the hens that were working the flower bed.  Man, they were HAPPY!

It is one of my fondest hopes that this flock will one day be out on the grass.  As it was late afternoon, little by little, the hens went back into the yard.  I had to help one pullet, but most of them, when I walked over to them, moved right down the fenceline and into the safe yard.  They are all in now. 

Ferdinand and Junior took good care of their girls.  Moe and Larry did not try to come out.  Little Fluffernut, seen on the right, was everywhere while she was out... but is back in, safe on the roost. 

We are expecting strong rain storms tomorrow, and they have cancelled the American Royal Parade.  This livestock and horse show was a yearly event here, and has been for 100 years. However, 30 years ago they tore down the original buildings, and Kemper Arena was built to accommodate the Royal horse and cattle shows.  Over the course of the last 20 years, the livestock and horse shows were split up, and they now are held over almost 3 months. Instead of going and seeing all the cattle, sheep and hogs, and a horse show or rodeo, you now would have to go multiple times to see everything.  People don't go anymore.  
The rodeo was once the last big event of the year for professional cowboys, and featured six days of performances and appearances by many big country stars.  Now it is two days, and this year, is being held in a tiny arena that formerly housed the cattle and horse show classes.  How times change.  I can remember as a little girl papering my bedroom walls and ceiling with pictures of the animals at the Royal from the annual supplement; now, the Star barely mentions it.  It's sad. 


  1. A big storm is coming here too, and we will probably loose power if the tall forest trees fall.
    I am glad all the chickys got back in.

  2. We lost one of our excellent craft shows in my state and are in danger of losing another. Both had a lot of heritage crafts and workshops, so the loss of future talent is the greatest concern. Our county fairs aren't what they used to be either.

  3. Ohhhh Happy day!! for the chickens!! Wonder if your eggs will taste better tomorrow?

  4. that's really sad :-( Sometimes change really isn't good. These events bring communities together, they are so enjoyed by all, to see them diminish and fail is a sad trend everywhere in recent years.

    Chickens are so happy when they can free roam, and I have found the eggs taste even better. One of my dogs, Frasier, attempted to kill one once. So.. the hens are out for a few hours a day when I keep Frasier in or behind the dog fence.

  5. The chicks all look like they were having a great time of it. But I'm glad you got them all back in where they are safe. It's been really nice here with only a little chance of rain here for the weekend.

  6. MA!! I am glad the flock was out and Lil, especially Lill did nothing. I think this is because it was an entire flock and not just a single bird. Whatever the reason, I am happy! I wonder if you could sit out there with Lilly while the flock was out and have her get comfortable???
    Have a great weekend!

  7. The chickens got a little taste of heaven : ) Too bad about the parade. It is a chancy time of year to plan events. Big weekend of events here and luckily the weather is cooperating.

  8. I agree that it's sad. I really miss the draft horse events, because I love the Belgians and Clydesdales. I was just looking at the calendar and realized that we missed the Arabians last weekend. This is not turning out to be a good weekend for me. Hope you and Keith are well.

  9. I hope that the event doesn't dwindle away to nothing. Yes it's sad that things like that are so unimportant now a days.

    And football, golf, etc is. And I don't like any of them. Football, golf and such are only promoted because it's so commercial.


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