Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Morning

I have the camera on the deck again this morning, and enjoy watching the birds (and squirrels) as much as I enjoy the nightly visitors in the pasture. 

Two days ago, I wrote about these: 

I found this recipe on Pinterest, and traced it back through two websites for the recipe, which is 
But of course, I altered it.  
Here is what I changed (assuming you are going to look at the recipe: 

I used roasted chicken from Sam's club. 
I used a can of cream of mushroom soup with garlic, instead of cream of chicken.
I used Pillsbury Grand Flaky biscuits. 

This was delicious, and took me about ten minutes to make.  It is a fast, comforting meal. 
You simply squish the biscuits down into your Pam-sprayed muffin pan, 
fill them with the chicken, vegetables (frozen), soup and cheddar cheese, with a little salt, paper, garlic powder and onion powder in them, shove 'em by spoonfuls into the "cups" and bake them for about 20 minutes at 400.  O.My.Gosh. 
I have a lap band, and don't generally eat much bread.. it's a treat to me... 
I ate two of these.  
I'm going to make them for Nathan. 
YUMMMM.  Keith had two, too. 

I read the recipe, didn't measure a thing, and came out perfectly for eight biscuits.  Next time, I'll halve it and cook just some biscuits, too. 
I've had some failures with Pinterest recipes, so I go back and make sure the pin leads to a real recipe before I pin or re-pin it, but this one filled the bill for sure. 

These last two weeks, I have been under the weather a little.  If I have not commented on your blogs, I am very sorry...I am having trouble sitting at the computer for long periods (thought it may not seem so, seeing my pins!).  Yesterday, I must have hit the wall, because I went back to bed after chores and slept for six hours!  I'm feeling better this morning and trying to get some things done around here. It is gray out again, after a gorgeous moon last night. 

Do you see the moon reflected in the pond?  I climbed up on a ladder on our porch after I took this shot, and changed the setting on the camera.  I always forget to change settings...

Much better. 

In seconds, the reflection in the pond was gone, and the moon was well up. 
How can people NOT believe in God?  It just boggles my mind, because surely, He is the only one that can give us such beauty in the world. 
And that picture, by the way, is the BEST I have ever taken after almost nine years of full moons here at Calamity Acres. 

I added a blog yesterday, too, to our featured blogs.  Gary Louck's has a wonderful nature blog... he doesn't post really often, but oh, my, his photography is wonderful because his subjects are.  I love to see all the wild birds and critters in his posts... take a look and you will see.   I'd like to feature some blogs off and on, so that people get a look at what others are blogging about. 

I have a feeling this is going to be a two-post day.... 


  1. Those look good and chicken pot pie is an absolute favorite of mine.

    Sorry you have been unwell. Hope you are on the mend and feeling much better.

    I saw that huge moon last night and started to go get the camera. Decided mine just won't do it justice and it was cold outside any way.

    Take care,

  2. So glad you told about your recipe. It's one I'll be trying out. I have lots of leftover ham, I'm thinking I could substitute that for the chicken. Glad you are feeling better. The moon pictures are awesome. So true I don't know how people cannot believe either. Hope you do have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Beautiful moon pictures! Will have to give that recipe a try. I like anything that's fast, easy & good.

  4. When I made these last night, we made healthy whole wheat biscuits from scratch for them, and used maybe an ounce of cheese (romano). They were a hit!

  5. Nice photos of the moon! Driving in to work this morning, the moon was amazing!! Bright, full and gorcious!!

  6. Great photo of the moon !have a great day !!!!

  7. Afternoon, yum yum, they look so good......That is such a beautiful picture of the reflection of the moon on the water......Great photography......Blessings Francine.

    I'm so happy that you had your camera ready. Thanks for sharing.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  9. Um yumm to the quick and great recipe - Mr Op would love this!!!

    The moon pic looks like it should be on the cover of a book:)

    Happy Easter sweet friend!

  10. It is so difficult to do moon pics, at least for us it is. Yours is great. I'll show it to R.H.

    Mary Ann, I hope you do feel better soon. And have a really nice Easter.

  11. Love these pictures! Those pot pies do look awfully yummy! I have noticed that on pinterest, that a lot of the recipes are dead links, didn't notice till after I went back to try and find them. I need to check more often too!


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