Monday, March 11, 2013

A Good Start to the Week

Snowing this morning when we got up!  It didn't last long, though, and melted about as fast as it hit. 

Look what I finally got done today!  

You can see that I am using the deeper starter flats, they are 36 flats, instead of 72, with the smaller inserts. 
There's more room for the roots to develop before they have to be transplanted. 

I started two tomatoes from Baker Creek... Gypsy, which was a gift and is a Russian tomato, and Abu Rawan, which I bought.  I did not notice until today that there are really no propagation instructions on the Baker's Creek packages.  Burpee's has them, and that's SuperSauce, the new, big sauce tomato on the right. 

The Gardening Assistants were close at hand. 

Here's what I used to mark the seeds... popsicle sticks with the date and the name on them. 

I also wrote everything down in the 2013 gardening book, I am going to try to keep better records this year. 

And here's where they ended up.  Don't you love my make-do seed starting table? 
I ran to Wally World at mid-afternoon and bought another fixture and two more bulbs to start the herbs tomorrow. 

"Mom, it's time to go outside!"

"Okay, Abs" 

Tulips coming up in the barrel planters! 

Okay, here is something very strange... some hen is raking all the straw in the nest boxes of the henspa over the eggs that have been laid.  It was like this yesterday and again today, in several boxes.  There are eggs under that heap! 

Here was something strange in the old henhouse.... Buffy, the Polish hen, was in the tiny space between the ramp and the wall, staring at the drywall. 

Finally she turned and (I think) looked out the pophole... I thought she was "stuck" in the corner, because she can hardly see., I'm not so sure.  The other birds were outside in the (by now) sunny afternoon. 
Their clocks are all messed up, too... they were all ready to roost at 4:30. 

On to spring! 

That's it from the gardening starting at Calamity Acres! 


  1. Its very exciting to start a garden! But we won't until June or July.
    We used to grow tomatoes, but they seem so sweet- and so we look for a different kind- not so sweet. Have fun,

  2. So exciting! I've been trying to get this done too - haven't had time yet but I have to get on top of it. Can you come help me? :) Those helpers look like they are really doing a great job of giving you moral support :) I can understand all our "clocks" being messed up - it's so confusing!

  3. Have fun with your seedlings! I just love watching things grow, especially in the spring!

  4. Isn't it exciting to get your seeds started! It kicks off the count down to planting!

  5. I haven't even thought about the garden yet. Sigh.

  6. That was a great day! Getting a head start on the garden indoors is a fun thing to do. I don't plant much of anything these days. What comes up every year now just grows and spreads and more than anything, I have work thinning it out. I just wait for the roadside stands to open in the summer and buy my tomatoes there. Hope your Tuesday is another terrific day!

  7. Sometimes mom says she feels stuck in the corner also.....mostly cos of the time change and she can't get her act together now...she needs the sun to shine....on the other hand, we plants seeds like we sew, craft and cook if you get my drift...the only seeds that grow for my mom is zinna's and she plants lots of them. We just buy plants and we even struggle with them. Our tomatos are always puny!
    stella rose and mags

  8. My clock is still out of wack too.

    I love that pic of Abby.

  9. How exciting! I love starting seeds each spring. Great idea on labeling them with popsicle sticks! Now I just have to eat a bunch of popsicles...haha.


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