Saturday, March 16, 2013

So Much to Talk About

This is Jackson.  He is a Bourbon Red Turkey.  Take a good look, because, with any luck, I think he is going away. 

He has begun attacking me.  That bucket is there for a reason, because he has been following me out of the big henyard and going for me.  Spring has sprung, and Rosie is mature now, and he is protecting his own place.  First it was trying to bite me, but now, it's a full on attack with spurs.  No, it's not fun. 
I don't want to be knocked down and flailed by a huge turkey.  
So, as much as we like him, we are going to find someone to take both him and Rosie.  I love turkeys... but not in a confined area like this.  And he'll be given to friends, we hope, not sold. 

Nugget the Cochin is still setting her eggs, and I'm actually glad.  
I'm hoping those chicks will have an immunity to the CRD in the flock. 

I'm going to move her here in another week: 

She can keep her babies in there for two months, at least, if not more. I'll tarp it while she is finishing setting and after the babies are born.  Then none of the other hens can harm them, and snakes, etc., can't get to them. 

Here's something you will RARELY see.  Ranger, in the pasture. 

Ranger was trained a long time ago to stay out of the pasture, because he just couldn't stop barking at the llamas, and we were afraid he would chase and hurt them.  For four years he did not accept them. 
Now, he is able to go in the pasture, but yesterday was the very first time he did.  He almost seemed embarassed.  He smelled the possums, I'm sure. 

Nathan and I saw this car on the way to his dad's this morning, and he took a picture for me.  When I took the eggs to the pantry, I realized there was a line of about 25 old cars waiting to be driven in the Tonganoxie Snake Saturday parade.  I did not get a shot of the whole line of cars, which were beautiful.  My dad had a car like this when I was a little girl, until I was about 9.  We often rode in it, but it was my dad's work car at the time, and not tarted up nice like this one.  

Granddaughter Paiton starts soccer practice on Monday.  She has Nike cleats with a PINK swoosh on them.  Can you tell that pink is her favorite color? 

And of course, her big brother Jax also starts soccer on the same team that day... and has his own cleats and shin guards, and he was mighty proud of them!  I can't wait to go watch their games. 

Here is something that made me close my eyes, take a deep breath, and then smile big.  A store in Bonner Springs that I have driven past three or four times was open today, as I went to get my hair trimmed. 
Oh. My. 
It is a reincarnation of another, older store where I loved to shop.  
It is called "Bittersweet on Oak".  Of course, I bought some Easter things from them, and have earmarked some lanterns for the deck.  I was SO GLAD to see that the store had re-opened under this new name.  
It smelled great and just made me so happy to go in there. 
(And BTW, the rabbit standing up with the little white picket fence in front of him on the upper right came home with me)

Palm Sunday tomorrow, for the start of Holy Week, so I'll be at church longer tonight than usual.  We're going to fix a corned beef and cabbage and potato dinner, though Keith is German and Dutch, and I'm Irish and Danish!  Yummmm!  As he says, it's once a year, and let's go for it! 

 5:21 PM
If you read the above comment you will know that I am LOSING it! 
NEXT SUNDAY is Palm Sunday!  Nathan will be with us on Easter morning, so he will get his treats then, at the same time as his brother and sisters.  I swear, I'm losing it! 

By the way, it went from 82 to 42 today, and that's it for today from Calamity Acres. 


  1. Hi Mary Ann, great looking turkey but dangerous, hope he gets a good home though.....wonderful shop, see lots of goodies in there, Come on Spring, Francine.

  2. Hey Mary Ann,

    I don't like to shop in department stores, target or the dreaded walmart. That store, however, looks like one that I would love to wonder around in.

    Good luck getting rid of Jackson & Rosie.

    What beautiful grandchildren you have. You & Keith attending their games will be something they will always remember.

  3. That is all good news...except the turkey part. I had a rooster that tried that, would wait for my back to turn and whamo...spurs. I tried everything. One day I Hit a homerun with a stick and he didn't try it anymore. I guess my spurs were bigger.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. It sounds like Jackson needs a long rest in the Kenmore Hilton!

  5. WOW! I had no idea that turkeys could be so brutal . . . you need a coat of armor to go near him. The part about having spurs is a bit frightening. I'm not a city girl, but not a farm girl either, so i've got a lot to learn about farm animals. I always thought turkeys were just big old birds that walked around, ate lots of corn and fatten up for Thanksgiving.
    Have a great day, and good luck finding them a home :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  6. I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one who can lose a whole week! It's understandable though if you've been distracted by attack of the turkey. What a shame, and he's so handsome. Can't put up with that, though. You deserved a trip out to a pretty store to do some shopping. Those grandchildren are so sweet; I love it that they're so excited about soccer. We spent many an hour cheering on sons at soccer.

  7. Oh no! I'm so sorry you're being attacked. That sounds horrible. I hope you can find him a good home with some friends. Your grandkids are so cute!

  8. I love the sweet photo of your granddaughter! Her eyes just say "Oooo" to those shoes.

  9. Such sweet, delightful grands. I like the rabbit too. My rooster is like your turkey. I have to work hard to manage him. Really not worth it.

  10. Yes, you had me there for a minute talking about Palm Sunday. Thankfully it is only St. Patrick's Day. Hope you have a great day. I'm about 1/8 Irish. It's there somewhere in the mixture. One of my English ancestors married an Irish gal.

  11. Poultry that attack are no fun. Our roosters have all been nice, except one. He died though, not sure how. We had problems with foxes getting our hens last summer, hopefully that's taken care of. Hope the kids have fun playing soccer. I played in high school and college. It was a blast. I used to be in such good shape...sigh. That looks like a fun store to shop at.

  12. That turkey is a beauty. But naughty! So not fun. Cute little store, lucky you! We'll be having corned beef tonight too. Mimi

  13. Boy your title meets your post !!! Busy busy !!! Hope you had a great weekend

  14. One of the roos did that a couple of times, after a chicken spankin with a stick, he decided he didn't want to do that any more.

    Sorry to hear about Jackson.

    I always like to see the old cars. Cute Grands. That store looks like somewhere that I would love to shop in.


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