Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Facts Friday

I've been meaning to do this for a few weeks, but I'm joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for 
Five Facts Friday (not a linky party). 

Five Facts about me: 

1.  My name is Mary Ann, and I'm addicted to PINTEREST. 

Whether it's "My Style", "Good Eats", "Pet Pics", "History", or one of my other categories, I try to fit some pinning in every day.  Not only have I found wonderful recipes there... I am getting great ideas for the garden, and history lessons daily. 

2.  I love to read. 
I read this book on my Kindle for Ipad on Tuesday night, and it changed the way I think about my chickens forever, seriously. 

The Accidental Farmers, by Tim Young

There would be a picture here except it would not save from it's Amazon Listing. 

Tim and Liz Young gave up a high-figure corporate lifestyle six years ago, bought a farm in Georgia, and set to farming to make their living.  It's worth the read, warts and all.  

3.  I got pooped on today by one of my favorite chickens. 

Look just above my left eye, on your right. 

Thank you, Folly... it's like biting the hand that feeds you. 

Had to wash my hair a second time. 

4.  I laugh at things like this: 

(from Pinterest, of course) 

Sorry for that unfortunate word in the title, but these are PUGS... and the author must have one. 

5.  I'm nuts about my husband, though that may not be fashionable. 
He helps me do things like this: 

So that this can happen: 

Happy, happy birds. 

And now, if you have time, go watch a lovely short video of a quite remarkable Fell pony stallion at Stacy Kimmel's blog...

No, I still can't embed.  Should I have linked? 

82 degrees outside right now in Leavenworth County, and that's it for a hot day at Calamity Acres! 


  1. We hit a record high today!

    Who said it's not fashionable to
    be nuts about Keith? I think it's
    great! Cause I'm nuts about Mr.

    It was good to see you at Dreaming

    M :)

  2. Mary Ann, that first picture from pinterest looks just like you! I'd go for it. I couldn't find a Pinterest button on your blog. How do I find it?

    I'm kinda proud of Jackson; he's doing what he's supposed to do. Will there be babies?

    I love it that you also love Mrs. Minerva!

  3. I have to be sure that my chickens don't see your chicken's wonderful pen. They would be jealous! :)

  4. It's cooling down here in Melbourne... finally!
    I hear your Pinterest pain! I'm a little addicted too, although I try and keep off when I'm busy as the time just gets sucked away!
    Blessings for a wonderful weekend, xx

  5. I just highlighted it and clicked.

    Stunning animal and trainer.

    I saw a man who dis things like that with four horses at a time.

    Some days we are the poopee and others we are the pooper.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. I love this post... poop and all! LOL. Really cute. Love the Pugs too! :) Glad to know you Mary Ann!

  7. Acabei de conhecer o seu blog e achei maravilhoso. Me visite:
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  8. Gosh- so much going on-- I need to come back and take a closer look- so I don't miss anything,

  9. Pinterest is very addictive! It's hard to get off sometimes. I know the feeling of being pooped on by a chicken. I've had it in my hair before! So not fun!

  10. We love learning more about you!! Also - bah humpug has a blog with more of those pug illustrations - - you will love it!! If you are on FaceBook, there is a fan page too...

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Brutus & Ellie

  11. Having to wash your hair twice in one day is not a good thing at all. It's so nice you are in the 80's there. We remain mostly in the 30's. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  12. Nothing wrong with being nuts about your husband! I am still crazy about mine :)
    I love the entryway picture ...lovely!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  13. Great post Mary Ann! Made me smile : )

  14. I'm really enjoying these five facts posts. I always worry when I'm in the chicken/peacock pen at night. Peafowl have big poops!

  15. I don't pin, but do look sometimes.
    I read a lot. Sometimes way too much.
    #3, can't say that has happened to me
    I like the pug picture, but could apply it to some of the ones I have
    And I am also crazy about my man. finally found the right one and holding on with both hands.


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