Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lessons in the Snow

This morning. 

Rabbit.  Headed towards the small Derksen building. 

Kitty paws... heading back and forth between Troy's and our house. 

Kitty, rabbit, and square in the middle lower central, a single possum paw!  
How the heck?????

The possum and rabbit were headed here, to the bird feeding station.  Look how much the snow has melted!  You can see the garden beds again. 

Today I ordered my seed starting stuff... I had hoped to be going by now, but patience... patience.  
I am using deeper starters than usual, I want good roots on everything. 

Here are two of the little guys from the Batchelor Pad, the third henhouse. 

The henyards are turning to mud... ugh... thank heavens for my boots. 

Oh those smart girls in the henspa... the only place not covered with snow was under the henhouse, and behind the hanging shadecloth .... they found out where they could scratch and you see them taking advantage!  Go, Girls! 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres! 


  1. Have you ever tried using sawdust in the hen yard, or would they try eating it?

  2. Nice to see your snow melting. It has here too. This week we are to get above freezing and I'm looking forward to that! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  3. I can identify with mud in the chicken yard. Boy is that slippery stuff! I also enjoyed the lesson on animal tracks in the snow!

  4. That's still a lot of snow. It's suppose to get to the 70's today, then rain again.

    Was in the 40's all weekend. We'll all be sick again with the crazy weather.

  5. Obviously the possum came in by helicopter!

  6. we hate mud cos then mom gets pissy when we go outside and come in looking like pigs instead of got more snow last night and am supposed to get 1-3 inches today.
    stella rose

  7. What fun tracks! You can tell everything in the snow. It was really muddy here last week, but luckily it is drying out a bit.

  8. I was just thinking today that when all this snow melts that it's going to be a mess for the farmers! Love the photo of the roosters!


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