Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Comes to Calamity Acres

Sorry for the shadows, it was late in the afternoon. 

In answer to your unasked questions... yes, he did the dirty deed.  I felt VERY sorry for Rosie, as he is so much heavier than she, and she made very plaintive sounds and was clearly trying to breathe with his weight on her. 
While inside: 

Nugget, my only Cochin left.  I know I said "NO BABIES 2013". 

I know just where to put her: 

Remember the little white pen?  A perfect place for a mama to raise some flock replacements. 

Just PLEASE don't let them all be roosters! 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres! 


  1. Knowing that 50% will probably BE roosters would make it very easy for me to collect those eggs!

  2. They are pretty chickys- either way. We hope their not boys too.

  3. mom told us that when she gets home from work tonight if its not cold her and a couple of the grandmonsters is gonna take us to the dog park about 20 min. away from where we live....we have never been there but mom is excited and us too about us being able to run all around in a fenced in area.....we will see if we get to go.
    have a great friday
    stella rose and mags

  4. It's so hard to say no to babies! I keep seeing the cutest little chicks every time I go to the feed store and it takes so much will power to not bring some home. I've taken to avoiding the area completely so I'm not tempted!

  5. My 2 hens have finally quit running from the 2 roos.....

    happy weekend.

  6. Hehehehe, hellos dis is Puddles. I seen your comment overs at Barbara
    s so thoughted I would come say hellos. And yes, I is Maggie's BFF...her looks up to me. I has no idea why her does cuz I does gets in lots of trubles...hehehe.


  7. I LOVE the shadows especially of the tail feathers!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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