Friday, March 29, 2013

Fabulous Friday

I'm carrying my seeds, marker, etc. in the little blue bucket.  I got the first plantings of spinach and lettuce in. I planted the second planting of peas... and some seed potatoes I got from Thompson and Morgan, called "German Butterball".  Keith stuck with the good old red potatoes from the feed store that we've always had luck with, and is planting them tomorrow. 


Got up into the low seventies where we live. 

I was being chattered at mightily from the birds who wanted to eat at the feeder. 

Can you see something blowing in the tree on the right... under the hanging branch? 

It's one of the dish washcloths my sister crocheted for me, she gave them to me every Christmas.  
I have NO CLUE how it got up there in the last two days. 

Last year, we planted tomatoes in these barrels in the hoophouse. The soil in them is still very good...even thought the tomatoes did not do well last year.  I topped them off with new soil today, and will use them for herbs this year. 

Is this a beautiful sight or what? 

My helpers helped me lock up tonight.  Lilly is the most remarkable dog... she will stand and listen, head cocked... and then dig fast and pull up a mouse or a mole... Abby was trying to emulate her, and dug too for a minute. 

That's it for Good Friday from Calamity Acres... we are expecting thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon! 


  1. Looks like you are planning to grow a lot for great food. Cute picture of the doggies. Hope you have a great Easter.

  2. I hope some of that nice weather is headed this way. You can keep the thunder storms though:)

  3. Oh those are always the very best helpers !

  4. Hello Mary Ann, Your garden beds look wonderful. Our backyard is small and very shady, but I try a few things each year. Even if I don't have much space for gardening, it is still a thrill to pick something (cherry tomatoes do pretty good in pots) from our own property and have it with dinner :) With your great beds and the cows to fertilize them . . . I'll bet you have a great garden.. Happy Easter and Happy Spring :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. Looks and feels like spring is finally here????
    You have nice looking planting beds!! I need to get into it!!

  6. Your raised beds look so inviting! I wish I had a couple of those for some of my smaller things, like lettuce, beets, radishes, etc. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  7. It must be wonderful to be in the 70's. We still haven't made it out of the 40's here. It's amazing but high 40's feels good right now. We may see 50 today and tomorrow. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  8. Yay... Spring is coming!! Beautiful yard with wonderful soil! We still have few inches if snow -- but it's melllllting!!!! Woo hoot!!!!! Happy Easter and very happy spring!!!

  9. Yay, that you were able to work in the garden w/o a coat! Can't wait to see your vegies growing & producing.

  10. I envy you your heat! The sun has been shining here now for a week, the snow has almost melted at low levels, but the hills around us here are as white as "snow"!.....It hasnt got much above 5 Centigrade.

  11. 1st of April.
    wishing you a happy Monday .
    I hope your Easter was a good one around the farm.
    It was wet and raining here.
    I simply love your veggie beds.. my son made some very similar some years ago..they work very well.
    I really like the idea.
    Your cattle look very happy, as do your two lovely dogs.
    happy monday Mary Anne.

  12. with some of the winds we've had, I could see how it got there!


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