Friday, March 1, 2013

A Picture Heavy Post

Warning!  This post is going to be picture-heavy!  

I read one yesterday where the blogger wanted to catch up... there were 62 pictures in the post, and they are ALL GOOD. 

I won't do that to you.  

I just have a lot of pictures right now! 

I got out today for the first time in five days.  Keith came home from work, and managed to get the low-slung HHR up the drive.  Wow!  I got out!  

I was starting to go a little cabin-crazy, but not too much, because, you see, I like to be home. 

We went to eat at Red Lobster.  Keith loves Red Lobster, because he loves seafood.  I am not such a seafood lover, but I keep seeing the lobsterfest commercials on tv, and I told Keith... "You need to have some lobster", and since I am not eating meat on Fridays, we picked Red Lobster.  As we came in there, we both looked towards the lobster tank.  We were seated, and Keith said "I don't want lobster now, I looked at the lobsters" and I said "I did TOO!".  We just can't do it. 

He had shrimp scampi with a salad and a side of rice pilaf, and I, who don't usually eat fish, had fish and chips, and it was very good. 

Keith eats at Red Lobster for lunch off and on.  

The poor little girl was swamped, and the assistant manager took our order, and someone else brought the food... and the little girl forgot Keith's drink.  He finally told her he didn't need it, since he had finished.  I brought mine home for the dogs.  (the fish). 

So...where are the pictures???

This is last night in the big henhouse.  Jackson the turkey always roosts on one of the low roosts, and Rosie, the hen turkey, goes up to the rafters.  When I got out there to shut up last night, this is what I found: 

Here he was, up on the closet roof, clearly scoping out a place to roost. 

The two bowls are feed and water for the rafter roosters (bantam hens and roosters) . In the snow, the little bantams don't come down, where they have to compete with the big hens and Rambo for feed... so I feed and water them up top. 

Here is little Bluey, a blue silkie.  She is in a corner of the henspa, and was on ONE egg.  She is holding it tightly.  I took it today, I just don't want any babies this year. 

Here is the vixen last night.  I only saw one possum before her, and we have not seen the coyotes in over a week.  She clearly hears or sees something, because shortly afterward, she went off to the northeast.  
Let me interject here (Cheyenne, if you are reading this)... we suspect that for the whole time we have lived here, we had nightly wild visitors.  It wasn't until we got the camera that we saw what they were.  To our knowledge, coyotes had come into the pasture only twice before.  We lost a couple of geese to predators many years ago, and we got the llamas as protection... and had geese and ducks for a long time afterwards.   We think the fox and coyotes were still coming in, it is just so dark we never saw them.  
The only reason I began putting feed out was to get pictures, to see what was coming in.  Yes, we suffered the loss of a rooster and two hens, and then one more hen that had been locked out a few weeks ago AND, Annabelle and Clarabelle.  
I quit feeding... it was stupid to start... but now, with this heavy snow... the vixen is expecting, we think... and I started a week ago at the first snow to put feed out again.  It's scraps and cheap dog food.  When the snow has melted and things have greened up, we'll slowly stop feeding again, and then stop for good. 

We are taking care to keep the birds locked in the henyards for a while, though they clearly want out in the pasture.  We are going to order some electric fence and fence off the top of the pasture, so that any coyote trying to get in in the daytime will get a big surprise. 

Admit it, you want my chore coat.  What you can't see is that Rosie had just shat upon me and got my whole arm... from the rafters.  Ugh.  She missed my head, thank heavens.  Keith had to kid me; the lens had gotten dirty but you can see I'm a wet mess. (I washed coat and whole ensemble right after this). 

I have nursed this caltha along for almost four years, it was a gift from someone at work.  It is ready to transplant again, but is blooming now, so I know spring is close! 

The Kansas River at DeSoto... you know me, I would have stopped in the middle of the bridge and set up a shot... but Keith zoomed across.  The tiny little black specks are migrating ducks, not geese.  They are also on the pond at the end of our road. 

You can still see the sand flats, but the river is up a lot. 

Farm fields in the river bottoms, it was white as far as you could see. 

Jackson tonight, at 5 PM.  He's a Happy Boy.  
He doesn't know it, but we got his antibiotics, and he starts his treatment tomorrow... funny, the Sulmet must be working because he's not choking and coughing as much. 

Today on the deck... I finally figured out how to put the camera to get a good picture.  There are five blue jays in this picture, and it's feed fortex, water fortex, and then a smaller feed fortex.  

Blue Jay and male Cardinal. 

Just the front of the woodpecker on the left. 

Different woodpecker at the suet bar at 5 PM. 

Bluey STILL indignant with me tonight. 

Abby giving the stink eye to the chickens in the henspa when I said "It's time for the chickens to go to sleep, Abby". 


She takes her job seriously, though. 

As you can see, there was a group that was ignoring her. 

The garden this afternoon.  Keith and I talked as we ate... we are going to go ahead and set up a seed-starting area in the big workshop, since it's going to be some weeks before we can get the greenhouse put together.  
Tomorrow, we go to the Johnson County Garden Show.  We did our WalMart grocery run, and our feed store run this afternoon, and now we can get up, chore, and go over and think about fun gardening things.  We're really looking forward to it. 

I want to give a shout out to Leann at The Old Parsonage... I entered a giveaway on her site a few weeks ago, and she notified me on the blog last night that I had won the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts, and brand new from the printer edition, to boot!  I have checked this out of the Tongie library several times, so what fun it will be to have a copy here!  Thanks, Leann... and if you don't know her blog, it's a very good one and worth the visit! 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres!  


  1. Mary Ann,

    Thank you for the pictures. Just love hearing about your 'adventures', even if they do involve poop!

  2. New fashion statement going on there with the chore coat, Mary Ann! I'm so glad you and your husband had a nice meal out and I hope you have a good time tomorrow at the garden show. It is important for hermits like us to make ourselves get out, even though home is our favorite place to be. We come back refreshed.

    I love seeing Abbey tuck the chickens in at night! Such a good girl. And thank you so much for your comment today. Sometimes we think we're alone in feeling a certain way and then find out there are so many who feel as we do.

    I hope you get some good ideas tomorrow for your gardens,

  3. I know exactly what you mean about cabin fever. I am having an outing tomorrow - my first time off the ranch in over a week!
    Your birds are beautiful. I wish we had blue jays here.

  4. I'm so glad you won that prize, Mary Ann! Love the bird photos; the blue jays and cardinal are so vivid (we don't have those here). Have a great weekend.

  5. I love your photos. Your camera does a wonderful job!
    Its always fun to see what goes on at your house- a very fine house!

  6. Hi Mary Ann, Thanks for stopping by and letting me the error in my last (Pinterest) post. I must have mistakenly erased the link in my last edit. Yikes! A.ll fixed now.
    Have a great weekend. XO Rita

  7. That's a good collection of nice pictures :-).

  8. Morning, I love to see all your pictures, your life is so interesting to me.....please keep them coming, Francine.

  9. Glad you finally were able to get out. I loved seeing all the pictures. Red Lobster is my favorite. I usually only get there once a year though. I don't eat out much at all. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  10. I loved all the pictures.

    Our turkeys used to roost in the rafters, too. And poop all over me when I went in to feed them. What joy. My coat looks a lot like yours!

  11. Congratulations on your win. There would never be too many photos for me. It helps give a deeper insight into your life. Don't know how you manage with so many unwelcome garden visitors. I am right now so frustrated to find a fox has damaged and broken down 2 shrubs (slow growing too) trying to get behind. Then there is the empty pond after dawn raids from a Heron.

  12. I just love all the photos. I like taking a walk through your life. I also don't feel so bad about my chore coat now. It always has broken egg pockets.

  13. Never a dull moment in your neck of the woods!! Bet your work coat is also warm!! Pretty fox!!

  14. Hi Mary Ann,
    I must say I'm glad you have the snow and not me!! We had less than an inch overnight and now showers. Ground is so saturated and I am SO anxious to get in the garden. But not yet.
    Love your pictures.

  15. I love silkies. Oh Abby too cute giving the "stinky eye" lol ... Abby come over to my post and give Alfalfa the stinky eye ...I want to photograph that !

  16. Congrats on winning, you'll enjoy those since you've already been checking them out.

    I like Red Lobster but we only have one and it's always crowded.

  17. I grew up on a farm so we always had chore coats that look like those, heck that is what makes them chore coats!! I sure loved seeing your picture of abby she is so cute. Its amzing how you get those birds to just eat out of that black bowl....ours would never do that.
    stella rose


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