Monday, March 18, 2013

A Windy Monday

Well, they predicted colder temps this week, nothing like last Friday, but today, it inched up to 55 degrees by late afternoon, but with winds blowing enough that I was afraid to plant the lettuce or the spinach, because the seeds are so fine.  

The dogs and I were busy outside, as you can see. 

We weren't the only ones enjoying being outside.  

I put water in a fortex in the henspa yard just over the weekend for the first time, and the hens are really appreciating it.  I didn't put it out over the winter, I didn't want to entice the wild birds to squeeze in to get it. 

There is no grass left in there, but the girls really enjoy scratching in the dirt.  In another few weeks, I'll remove most of the straw from inside and a lot of it will go down on the yard.  I'm hoping we create a deep litter in it eventually. 

I ran to Leavenworth to get my oil changed, and stopped in Tractor Supply to get some suet.  These little guys were in there.  How I wish I could have some ducks again! 

There were also pullets next to them, but really, only a very small number of chicks for sale. 

Lilly can hardly bear to come inside during the day. 

The pea I planted today was "Sugar Heart" from Burpee.  I'll make a succession planting again in about five days. 

I ordered a few flower seeds and some special red potatoes from D. Landreth, but they have never come after 3 weeks.  I got a notation that my "order was being processed" in my email, but that was 2 weeks ago.  I've written them today to find out what is going on, as we like to plant potatoes on St. Patrick's Day, normally. 

However, the rest of our week calls for snow with a rain mix tomorrow, cold for Wednesday, the first official day of spring, and the possibility of 2 inches of snow on Thursday. 
I know we need the moisture, but I have to admit I'm getting tired of pulling on the green rubber boots! 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres! 


  1. We had a beautiful day here today. Tomorrow I fly to Houston, TX where it will be hot and humid; ugh.

  2. We're in the midst of another snow storm. How I wish I could be planting peas instead!

  3. I'm glad you are able to get out and plant a few things. It's windy here this morning. Most of March has been that way. Winter continues on here. It'll officially be Spring tomorrow but it still feels like winter.

  4. Morning, nice weather your having, ours, deep with snow banks, Yuk!!!!! Love the wee baby ducks, Happy Gardening Francine.

  5. What happened to our 80 degrees!!?? This weather forecast is insane...

  6. It is sunny here today on Tuesday but said she saw some "naked ladies" popping up around our yard.....what ...tell them to get their clothes on!!
    stella rose and mags

  7. Boy, Jackson was in the 80's yesterday am and then a storm rolled thru and baseball size hail hit part of it. One car dealership had 250 damaged cars. My friends office, every car in the parking lot had busted windshields.

    Was bad, but lucky for me I headed out a bit early to get some riding in. We live 30+ miles away from Jackson, so I missed all that. I'm grateful too.

  8. I always love seeing shots of your chickens. Those ducks are so cute! We saw some geese at our feed store the other day and now my husband really wants some :) But I know nothing about geese so I need to research!

  9. I can't blame Lilly for wanting to enjoy some sunshine! :)
    Dang, I hope you can finally get rid of that winter weather once and for all! It would be pretty tiring.


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