Thursday, March 28, 2013

Perfect for Gardening

Until late afternoon, when some clouds began to roll in. 

We are expecting some rain tomorrow, but we got up to 63 today! 
Just a week ago, it was snowing, and "they" say there is a possibility of more snow the week after next, but a snowy mix.  

Our last frost date IS April 15! 

The vegetable beds are now all layered and topped off. 
I planted peas last week, but am planting more tomorrow. 
I'll show you my garden plan at that time, too. 
I went through all of our seeds today, and I am going to try to germinate some packed for last year. 

I did start zinnia seeds today, inside, and we are hoping to get started on the greenhouse within the next two weeks  We did not know when we ordered it in February we would have bad weather so long. 

Everyone was a happy camper in the beautiful weather. See Moe, the Top Dog (rooster) in the middle?  He was the runt of the litter last year, and has become the Head Guy of the Henspa. 
I'll take a closeup of him tomorrow, and show you his cool comb.  The rest of this flock was outside enjoying the fresh air. 

We still have a ton of yard cleanup to do.  This is part of the shipping crate for the greenhouse components.  We are going to break it up and take everything to the transfer station (dump) along with lots of other things that have accumulated.  It really bothers me when this stuff sits in the yard and kills the grass underneath.  
Two huge tree branches have to be taken down to the brush pile, too. 

Lilly helped me close up tonight, she was looking around for varmints in the henspa yard.  I have to give credit to that shadecloth... it got packed with snow again this week, and did not tear, so we did not take it down again.  Yesterday afternoon and today, all the snow in it melted, so it is still in great shape.

Someone else was waiting for me, too.  The heat is very, very hard on pugs... and even today's moderate temps were hard on Abs.  I finally brought her inside and turned a fan on for her.  She was wound up most of the day today, and wanted to play, play, play. 

I'll try to get my garden plan down to show you all tomorrow.  Until then, 
that's it for a lovely Spring day from Calamity Acres. 


  1. I'm delighted to see this for you. It's hard to wait for that last frost date!

  2. Yay!!!! happy happy.....Enjoy, Francine.

  3. I'm glad someone is seeing nice weather. Our last frost date is not till the end of May here. Some plant earlier, but then have to cover up things when frost hits. I'd rather wait. Hope you have a happy Good Friday!

  4. I feel just like your pug when it comes to the heat!!

  5. Those vegetable beds look so ready to grow, grow, grow.
    We're taking down our summer veggies now. Cleaning up the last of it all before the autumn chills set in.
    Not that we get cold enough for snow. That would be a real treat.

    Blessings for a wonderful Easter weekend.
    Dotti :)

  6. It always tickles me to see Abby's tongue sticking out.

    Love the beds. Those zinnas will pop up in a blink of the eye. I just direct plant mine in the ground. My favorite flower to grow from seed.

  7. I love arbor at the garden entrance & your garden beds look great. Can't wait to see the plans & of course that greenhouse!

  8. Hooray for you! We still have another month before we can even begin to think of cleaning up and getting the beds ready. Looks like all the animals are thrilled that Spring is here. :)

  9. We would love to get in the yard and garden
    but everything is still pretty soupy.

    We did have a beautiful day today!

    M :)

  10. I cannot believe that is your last frost date!! I can't plant anything in the ground here till at least June 1st! Very exciting to be able to get your garden going :) We are going to build more raised beds similar to yours you just can't beat em! Love that picture of Abs. Pugs & Chi's are the exact opposite, Pugs can't handle heat and Chi's love it more than life itself. Douglas is always in the air conditioning and the other two straight in a sunbeam :)

  11. Your garden beds look very rich and fertile.


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