Sunday, November 6, 2022

A Month of Thanksgiving

Years ago, when I was still blogging daily... I participated in another blog's "Month of Thanksgiving".  Every day, we remembered something for which we were thankful. I may not be blogging daily, but I am still so thankful. 

Thankful that Keith left me the things he built... Big Henhouse, the arbor, the hayshed... all things that help me daily take care of everyone around here, or bring me beauty. 

Thankful for the dogs and cats that bring such joy to me. 

Thankful that the chickens get me up daily and get me moving! 

The beautiful colors have gone by here. 

The trees are mostly brown. 

On Thursday, we had something wonderful... 
2 1/2 inches of rain!  It rained all day long, it was wonderful!
I left the chickens in, it's hard on the old birds. 
Right now, I have only four birds who are laying daily... I don't know what happened to the other three 18 month old girls, but they are not laying.  Maybe the moult, but everyone appears to be over that. 

I am just glad I will have enough with which to bake. 

Last Sunday, I went to a mini-high school reunion, my graduating class tries to gather 
regularly.  I went with two other ladies.  
We had a chili testing!  It was a lot of fun, and fun guessing whose of the six chilis entered was the winner. 

Here I am with my classmate Larry sampling the chili.  The committee worked so hard to do this, and one lady made about 60 dozen different kinds of cookies and breads for our desserts! 
(don't know why this picture is so red, but I did have a red shirt on, as did Larry) 
It was so good to get out and see everyone.  The day turned out well, too, with about 40 classmates in attendance. 

There's our friend again. 
He has not been coming out so early, though, these past few days. 

For years, I kept a fortex in the pasture with some feed in it for the wildings. 
However, I have made the decision to start dumping the chicken carcasses (from Sam's) in the tree line to the north.  The coyotes can find them there, and there are no animals in that pasture.  
I had a camera there, because I dumped there while the sheep were here... and they found them easily. 
I have some cat food in the fortex right now, for the lone cat that is coming here to eat. 

Last Sunday, I realized the indoor door to the old hen house was agape... I tie it shut at night, because the 
door jamb is not right.  Then I shut the outer door that had a screen in it, and block it with several things. 
Raccoons had pulled the poultry wire back, climbed in, and killed one of the three remaining chickens in there. 
I put a camera in there that night and they came back. 
So... I stapled hardware cloth across where the poultry wire had been.... 
and darned if they have not tried to get in again!  This morning, it was bent back on either corner. 
I have enough hardware cloth left to staple it all the way to the top of the door, which is what I should have done in the first place. 

Then, yesterday morning, I found a piece of the trim laying across the porch of the big hen house, and you can see the corner of the door jamb... chewed almost through. 
I was ready to scream.  I had not been around to the side porch yet... they tried to get in there, and left me two huge piles of poop.  
I nailed that trim back on and then sprayed the whole door jamb with bitter apple spray. 
I am going to Petsmart this morning in a while to see what other kind of sprays I can find to keep them away. 

I blocked where they had chewed last night, and 
nothing was disturbed this morning.  I also put a cement block in front of the pophole on the side. 
I can't believe they didn't shove the paving stone aside and tear the pophole cover off. 
They can't, now.  But friends... it's a pain to do all this stuff every night. 
I had the little hen house blockaded, too.  

It just makes me mad I have to do this every single night. 
I pick up all cat food before dark, and I feed so little bird seed now, there is almost nothing left for the

The farmer from whom I buy pork told me that they have trapped and killed 38 raccoons in the last few months at his place, they raise 300 hens and the raccoons were laying waste to them. 
You know that I don't kill, but trust me, I am very close to trapping and releasing somewhere farther out, like our county fishing lake. 

Luckily, my traps are on loan to someone catching some ferals for neutering. 

Looks pretty comfy, huh?  

The rescue told me last night that they had only one inquiry for him, and they declined the person. 

She asked me if I was prepared to keep him as a foster (because they will cover his medical bills) and I told her YES.  
He is a doll, but he is an old doll. 
He sheds a LOT and has to go in and out a lot to potty. 
But he is also very loving and good with everyone here. 


This baby black rat snake was in the shop this week on one of the two very warm days we had before the storms came. 
I finally moved it to the side wall because Teenie would not leave it alone. 

We grow 'em beautiful here in Leavenworth County!


  1. We are thankful that you are our friend and share your adventures with us. Lee and Phod

  2. Yes, you DO grow beautiful coyotes there, and you share such great photos of them! So glad Big Dog is staying as a foster; HE gets a good home and YOU get his medical expenses paid. Michelle at Boulderneigh (your comment section will only let me post as 'anonymous' for some reason).

  3. i am glad the pups is staying. it's a shame you have so much work each night.

  4. Hari OM
    Sounds like the racoons have become every bit the nuisance a fox - or coyote - can be. I wonder if peppermint oil might deter them? Or rosemary - something astringent but harmless. One thing's for sure - no time for you to get bored!!! YAM xx

  5. We got at la pack, seen as many as four in one picture. I told the hubby I was not going to throw out scraps any more close to our food plots. They were getting way too comfortable coming in and around our hay field area. Started getting day time pictures of them too.

  6. There is so much to be thankful for. I'm doing 30 days of Thankfulness this month in my blog. You may not post daily, but when you do you do a good job of it too. Hope the coming days give you some relief there. Love, ma

  7. When we lived on our acreage, moved to a village 4 years ago, we had a lot of chickens both layers and in spring we had broilers. The only thing that kept the racoons controlled was our outside dogs, usually German Shepherds.

  8. Don't talk to my older son about raccoons. He lives in Shawnee where there are a lot of houses but he has a wooded area behind his house. He had sod put down in one area and of course kept it watered so it would root. Something kept pulling it up or rolling it up and he discovered it was raccoons looking for the worms that collected underneath. He had the raccoons trapped and relocated (I believe was close to 20 last count) and still a couple BIG ones left that they had to use fox traps for. They did catch one fox and turned it loose without relocating.


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