Sunday, October 23, 2022

Saddle Up! It's Gonna be a Long One!

Some of you will remember there is a beautiful maple tree in the valley below me. 

Unfortunately, the tree line has grown up terribly, and I can hardly see my neighbor's ponds now.  (Which I love from afar). 

I almost missed it this year... can you see the top of it, all aglow? 

Today's sunrise. 

We are having terrible, terrible wind, this is the third day. 
Yesterday, our wonderful township voluneer firefighters fought a brush fire that stretched eight city blocks in overgrown brushfilled pastures. 
Four other local townships assisted.  Thank God for these men and women who donate their time to keep us all safe. 

It is hard to get anything done outside today, it is really blowing. 

Clouds are coming in as I type this at 2:18 PM.... we have a real chance at rain overnight and tomorrow.  We are in a terrible drought, and need it badly.  I am beginning to see people list livestock for sale and give the reason "no hay" for selling them.  

Three days ago, this greeted me on the porch of the big henhouse. 

I was afraid for a minute it was dog poop... and that scared me, I'll show you why. 
After I looked at it for a while (and before I cleaned it off) I decided it was raccoon or cat. (or raccoon top and cat bottom) 
To be candid, I have never had a cat poop on the porch. 

Both waterbowls, heated and unheated, were empty.  EM-TAY. 

Holes were dug in the hen yard, and I did not take a picture, but the cat carrier I have in the silkie pen for Mary to lay in was overturned. 

Drumroll.... the proof. 

I am regularly seeing possums out as early as 5 PM now, so I have been shutting everyone up starting at five.  I work around the possum, taking care not to lock him in the henhouse, and I check high and low before closing doors. 

The wind is dispersing the milkweed seeds, a good thing!

I found this in memories.... That's Abby looking at me from the couch.  I may do another Fall Tree next year.  
I rarely have grands come here now, unlike when they were little, so I don't decorate as much as I used to. 

I think staying, did anyone have any doubts? 

This guy was sitting at the top of the pasture as if to say... "Aren't you putting scraps out tonight?".  

(why I got worried when I saw the poop. They can sail over a fence with no effort). 

And this one was waiting for him to move. 

And they are BOTH cautious around this guy.... skunk! 


This alien has been showing up to eat out of the pasture feeder.  
Looks like a male from the build and from the fact that Bullseye  DOES NOT LIKE HIM. 

I don't know if I am up to trapping yet another and getting it neutered.  All the females here are 
spayed, and Bully is neutered.  
It looks like The Jackal's brother, doesn't it?  For a minute the other night, I thought it WAS Jack back in Angel form to haunt me! 

This old girl is Susie, I have showed her to you before. 
She "talks" to me in a sing song chirp every day when I open the door of the big henhouse. 
Every morning I am stunned to see her.  She is six years old, and has not laid for many years. 
She was given in the dispersal to a friend, and the friend stopped keeping chickens a year ago, so the Ag Hall hens she got six years ago came back to me. 

She used to follow me around, but now, she mostly stays in the hen house with the oldest rooster, and they lay companionably together. 
Today, in the wind, they both stayed inside, and I was glad. 

She made it through our bitter cold on Monday and Tuesday nights, but that is not 
to say the old ones will make it through the first real cold snap. 
It is a delight to have had her, and I had her sister too, in the past. 
Susie is a Speckled Sussex. 

I took this about an hour ago, and it is a little lighter than the one I led off with.  My favorite time of year! 

Stay safe, everyone. 
(and pray for rain for Kansas) 


  1. We are in need of much more rain, too; we've had the hottest October on record here. We got 1/4" in the last couple days; more is in the forecast this week. We'll see how much we get. I'm so glad the big dog is staying! That coyote is beautiful.

  2. though we have had an almost perfect fall, we too need rain. i knew you were going to keep that baby! what a lucky doggy!

  3. Hari Om
    ...meanwhile, there is just too much of the stuff falling this side. Water just doesn't know how to spread itself fairly, eh? Crikey, though, those do look like dog poop (though with nothing to scale it against...) I hope that coyote isn't getting too comfy with visiting. AND OF COURSE BUDDY IS STAYING - NEVER ANY DOUBT!!! 🤣 YAM xx

  4. It looks like dog poop to me on your porch, so I tend to think it was a Coyote; They can do a lot of damege to the smaller critters around your place. Hope he moves on soon. Sorry you are having such a dry spell there , hope you get rain soon. We've had plenty of rain here and the grass is still growing. Stay warm and healthy! Love ma

  5. I thought you might keep that dog!!! It is very pretty.
    Hope you got some rain, we are dry here also should get some late tomorrow and Wednesday.
    I would stop feeding if they left a mess on my porch like that.LOL.
    Stay safe.
    Pauline in oh


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