Monday, June 21, 2021

Sunny Days

Lots going on here.... including rain for days, nine days in May in a row, in fact. 

Let's get caught up!

Wanda, the Ferocious Feral, was giving me hints that she was ready to go. 

She never calmed down, though I caught her playing throughout the days on the camera. 

She was still enough of a kitten that she played with the toys I had in the little red hen house with her. 

I released her on May 23rd, before dark, but she waited until after 8 to go out. 

She is coming in and out regularly, but the problem (that I knew would happen) is that 
the raccoons immediately found the food source.  

That's a nursing mother who has been going in and out. 

I have food here, in the old garage (used for storage), in the pasture feeder (the one on stilts), 
and on the porch.  One raccoon comes in daylight, and this mama above showed up on camera yesterday at 3:15 in the afternoon, she must be very hungry. 

Last night, I thought for a minute I had left a hen out, I saw movement by the big hen house... it was Wanda.  I put some food near the water bowl there, since she has found it.  
Barring any animal attacks, I think she will do okay. 

Miss Molly is now going out during the daytime.  At the feed store, she 
was an indoor-outdoor cat who stayed mostly indoors. 
I started letting her out two weeks ago, with some trepidation... the fact the 
mama raccoon came during the day worries me. 

(not from a rabies standpoint, from a Molly could be stupid and try to fight 

She goes in and out, I usually let her out very early in the morning, and then she 
comes in and out.  She is never out until dark, I am not trusting enough.  And, of course, 
if I ever see her go for a chicken, she will be in all the time. 

There are a lot of baby squirrels here now.  They have to taste everything. 

Sorry for the shot through the window, but an indigo bunting has been visiting regularly. 

(and oh yes, I was down at face level) 

Same snake. 

Raccoons don't like the oranges (tho they go for the jelly)... but the squirrels love them. 

In a way, I am glad the orioles are only here for a few weeks, as it is 
a pain to refill the feeder with sugar water, I have to wash it out with the hose because of the ants. 


I'm breaking here, because I literally typed that almost three weeks ago and never finished it! 


Here is the Ferocious One on the deck cam on Saturday, and, as you can see... she is doing fine! 

The orioles are gone now until next year, they only stay about three weeks. 
I'm glad, because it is a PAIN to keep that station clean. 

I thought this was funny.... look at the temperature! 

It wasn't, though we have had 100 degree days and many with the "feels like" over 100. 
We were expecting storms last night, and they did not happen, despite a lot of thunder. 
It is cooler today, though, thank heavens. 

I do not know if you can tell, but baby tails are sticking out from under Mama. 

I have another picture, if I can find it. 

There you can see some little baby paws sticking out. 

There goes Molly.  She is having a blast, but she is usually under my scrutiny. 

And..... BABY SEASON is upon us!  

Have a good week, everyone! 



  1. What an amazing post! It is chock-full of so many amazing photos and amazing thoughts! I can't even believe my eyes with the mama possum pictures! WOW! Actually, ALL the pictures! And the feral kitty having a safe haven, what a blessed thing. I fed ferals for many, many years and I have that little half-wild one now. I hope Molly will leave the chickens alone - I had a kitty who would ride around on them and they did not like that. Oh gosh that SNAKE picture - God's handiwork but I like to give something like that a wide, wide berth!

  2. Hari OM
    That is quite the snake - and the bunting such a blast of blue against the cardinal red... heck, you know I jus' love all da critters; thanks for being you, for them! YAM xx

  3. I was hoping your feral would decide to tame down a bit more. Molly is a beautiful girl.
    That's a lot of tail's in that momma's pouch.
    Goodness, it stormed here yesterday. We have had so much rain we cannot cut our hay. It desperately needs it too.

    Take care,


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