Monday, May 4, 2020

Enjoying Spring

Yes, the virus is still here. 

I am scared, I admit it... but I am determined to go on with life. 

We all need to remember this. 

Here is the tan and white cat and Rusty in the pasture, eating from the 

I'm glad to know the cats are still using it... because so are the raccoons. 

The cats have been getting first dibs. 

I'm going to have to stop feeding on the porch, unless I find a way to keep the raccoons 
from getting the food.  I do pull it when I go to bed now. 

Here is the tan and white cat and Stubby, the raccoon.  The tan cat 
comes at dusk almost every day, and watches me as he eats. 

I have not seen "Spot", the black and white cat, in a week now. 

Rusty watched me from the then-empty sheep yard the other night. 

I was glad he was getting to sleep inside, but the cats all have 
access to the little red hen house, too. 

Yesterday morning, Saturday, May 2nd, Samuel, the young man who 
took my sheep, called me.  He asked if I would still let him use the pasture 
for a few months, and I said yes.  He brought over five ewes and a doe. 

Something happened during the day to one of the ewes... he thinks a reaction to a shot... 
and he came back this morning and "swapped her out".  He is taking care of them, 
I am enjoying them.  

There are three Suffolk ewes, and a Southdown ewe, and I am not sure of the fifth.  And....  their goat protector, a doe. 

The Southdown ewe. 

He did invite me again this morning to come see "mine"... who are still in quarantine... but I am afraid it would make me so sad. 

Fritzi and I are doing okay with her shots.  I have ordered a special 
meter that draws up a blood spot painlessly, so I can check her 
blood glucose off and on, and it should be here this week.  I also 
bought and got a pet testing meter.  She has had two nights where I was 
very worried.  The ER is many miles away, and a route I am afraid to drive at 
night, but we are learning. 

Some will remember that Keith and I lost Abby, one of our pugs, to diabetes about five years ago. 
We were given NO training with Abby, other then "here is the medicine, give her shots".  I have much more support this time, but the sad truth is, most dogs go blind with diabetes. 

I wonder now if that is what happened to Abby, before her death.  Fritzi is such a good girl, 
when I tell her
"It's time for your shot"... she knows she will get a treat, and goes to her bed in the kitchen and lays down.  Giving the shot is fairly easily, tho she has yipped twice.  I am going to learn to do the blood testing, too. 

This girl. 

If I don't keep an eye on her, she disappears into thin air.  For Pete's sake, 
she will be seventeen in less than a month! 

We don't go out after dark without her on the leash, because she would take on ANY raccoon.

She is a true terrier. 

Oh, I had such a good time watching the birds today. 

This rose-breasted grosbeak is the first one I've seen here. 

I had an indigo bunting earlier this week, but he has not come back.
I have a Baltimore Oriole on my phone, I'll try to get a picture tomorrow with my camera of him on the deck.

I sat on the patio yesterday taking pictures, and caught Ferdinand, the oldest rooster (and father of the other two) laying quietly in the grass at the fenceline.  All three are getting along okay.... but Ferdie is picked on. 

There was a spat going on in the feeder. 

But in the distance, happy hens were sunbathing and eating. 

I can guarantee the compost spot is pure mud this afternoon, we had over an
inch of rain in a big storm this morning. 


  1. Always interesting to see what you capture on your game cam.
    Because of you, we put in a game cam a few yrs ago. I think it's time to get the game cam out and see what we can see :)
    I'm thinking that in this new subdivision, it will be pretty boring, but one never knows ;)

    Have a lovely rest of your week.

  2. Good to hear from you. Cats come and go. Makes me sad when I don't know what happens to one.

    She is a lucky girl that you adopted her. All of them are.

    I only have the 1 roo and that is enough. we can't keep up eating the eggs from our 5 hens. goodness, eggs were $5.01 for 18 yesterday at wally world.

    Take care,

  3. Hari OM
    I love that you are getting the joy of sheep without the worry, MA... and whilst at the moment you think it would make you sad to go see Biscuit and co - I think seeing them in their well-cared-for new home might actually relieve you and bring a warmth to the separation... LOVE that image of Ferdi through the fence. YAM xx

  4. It's been a much cooler spring here than I'd like to see. Mostly 40's and 50's usually we'd be in the 60's Watching the birds is a lot of fun. I have robins that visit regularly looking for worms, not at a feeder. Glad the meds are working out for your dear little dog. Thankfully we have medicine to treat it. Hope you continue to enjoy your Spring days, never a dull moment for you !

  5. I am sorry you are feeling scared. It is up such an in certain time. This weekend we went from short weather to needing a hat and mitts today. Oh spring!

  6. Such beautiful birds, and such good shots of them! Caring for geriatric dogs takes a lot of fortitude; they are so blessed to have you.

  7. I've had my moments of being scared too, Mary Ann. Usually in the middle of the night. And times of sadness about ever feeling safe again to have big family celebrations or even to enjoy going to a thrift store, little things.

    It's wonderful that you are feeling confident of taking good care of Fritzi. I hope you don't have to make any nighttime drives to the pet ER. I know that I worry about what would happen to my dachshunds if my husband and I weren't able to take care of them and I'm sure that's a concern of yours too, especially those with special needs.

    But the spring days do offer such beauty in nature that mean so much to us too. Always thankful for that.

  8. Just checking on you, Mary Ann. I hope that you and your family and your pets and your barnyard critters are okay. And that Fritzi especially is doing okay. Love to you!

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