Sunday, August 6, 2017

We Are Getting Closer

Your blogger is down for the count with a summer cold. 

As in, skipping church, in bed all day down for the count.  I made it out to open the henhouse and give the little kittens their daily bowl of food, but other than that, I have been in bed all day.  As I type this, the sun is breaking out of leaden skies, and the heavy rains we had last night seem to have gone away, though my phone tells me we may still see some tonight. 

There have been many changes this past week. 

We have had two horses come to stay with us for a while in the pasture.  They were on a dry lot, and the owners were feeding hay all summer.  The horses were glad to get on some green pasture.  I will go in tomorrow or Tuesday to cut down some weeds, but for now, they are going to do the trimming.  
The mare, Nelly, who is taking a good look at Jester there, is unbroken, the gelding, Ranger, has been ridden.  I would say neither are safe to ride.  They should be here only about to the end of September.  For some reason, Jester and the mare have taken to each other, but she is so big I will not let him in the pasture anywhere near her.  

That's Ranger, and his owner mistakenly cut out part of the tail he needs for fly-swatting, because it was so tangled.  I feel sorry for him.  They seem happy in the pasture, though.  

The humidity was terrible earlier in the week.  Our girl Lil knows how to get cool, though. 

I have a water line leaking.  
Tuesday, a local man showed up to fix the leak. 

Unfortunately, when I got there Wednesday, 
the leak was just as bad.  He is going to have to run a new
line from the wellhouse to the pump by the old henhouse. 

I need that pump to run water for the horse tank. 

So now I have a mud mound AND a leak. 

My contractor said "You need to call that guy"  and I said "I did" and he said "When will he be back?" 
I said 
"when he's good and ready".  And folks, that's the truth.  They do not listen to women, I wish I could say it is different, but it isn't.  I dealt with this for 32 years before I married Keith. 

It's frustrating. 

Did you notice the color of the house in the picture with the skid steer? 
The yellow is the color our tenant painted the house when he moved in, he picked it. 

Here is the color today.  

The new gutters and downspouts are up, and we are progressing right along. 

On Thursday, my awesome contractor told me he thought it would be 3 weeks. 

The cabinets are being made, and one day this week I will stop by the cabinet shop and pick out the bin pulls I want.  I am looking at lights, but honestly, I have felt so awful since Wednesday that I am not getting around much. 

I did get two days of moving things with my grandson Jacob this week, who really came through for me.  In fact, we are renting a cargo van on Wednesday and Thursday and trying to get even more out of here and into the storage shed at the farm.  I have given up sorting for the time being, I just want to get things moved and then each box will be gone through before it is brought into the house.  I suspect the Salvation Army will be getting a second large donation. 

My plan now is to put this big house on the market when I am out of it.  It is just not practical with two dogs and a skittish cat to have strangers plodding through it.  

Speaking of cats: 

I honestly have never seen Sister playing with a ball before! 

He will play with Jester, but not toys.  

And out in the henhouse, at least 3 of the four feral kittens 
are still with me... and I have figured out where the raccoons are getting in 
at night.  I will be working on it in the next few weeks. 

I take the kitten's food up when I go out to put the hens up every night, 
(I leave a big handful) but they have all day to eat. 

As far as I can see, they rarely sleep!  They are up at all hours of the night on the game camera. 

Day camp is now over at the Ag Hall, and Nugent, the little bunny I took care of all summer, has gone home to her bunny herd.  I will miss her, she was a lovely little bunny (whom the kids called "Oreo", of course). 

These are some dirty eggs that have been under a hen who wants to go broody. 
They are infertile, of course.  
I have been careful to fish them out from under her since this day, she does not need to be setting forever.  I am getting plenty of eggs, but the fact that I am letting the girls run all day long in the yard means that there are some eggs I am  never going to find. 

We have all been enjoying the odd root beer float, too!

Did I mention I have poison ivy on about half of me? 


  1. Hari OM
    Oh giddy up Mary Ann - summer cold AND poison ivy??? Allow yourself recovery time. Two more days is nothing in the greater clock of things! But I am getting excited for you. soon... soon... YAM xx

  2. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Our pooch likes ice cream, too, but we also discovered that she likes Coke. We don't give her much or do it often, though. I'm sure if it's bad for us, it's even worse for her.

  3. I'd ask your CONTRACTOR to call the leak guy; sounds like he might get a better response. When men complain about women being pushy, or nags, or whatever, it really grinds on me, because they will NEVER know what it's like to be treated as we too often are. It doesn't help to have a president who talks to and about women as objects instead of intellectual equals....

  4. oh not poison ivy. I hate that stuff and it hangs on forever when I get it. I think I'm one of the people who can look at it and get it.

    Sorry you are sick Mary Ann. Summer colds are horrible. Load up on vitamin C.

    The house is coming along.

  5. Oh my you must be miserable. Having a cold is bad enough but having poison ivy too is purely horrible. That stuff bout drove me nuts a few years ago when I got it. After that I wore long sleeves, long pants and gloves when I was out pulling weeds. I didn't realize there was poison ivy every where. There was some growing up one of the trees here and I quickly got rid of it. Hope you are better soon. Take good care. Try some tea with honey and lemon for the cold and Benadryl spray for relief from the poison ivy. It was the best when I had it.

  6. Oh you poor thing. Hope you guys are taking care of mom
    Lily & Edward

  7. oh no...a summer cold and poison ivy! i hope you are better soon!

  8. Oh no, poison ivy?? Oh we hope that clears up FAST! You are making wonderful progress! Hope you are feeling better today!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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