Thursday, February 9, 2017

Different Stuff

After literally a YEAR without seeing an owl... I was on my way to church 
last Sunday morning, and came across this guy, where I had seen owls several times before. 

Mass is at eight, I try to leave by seven so I can go up and down country roads, and it paid off. 

He/she is a beaut, huh? 

They. Are. So. Hard. To. Capture. 

I was telling Friend Jill at lunch today that I have three 
"pet" crows at the Ag.  As soon as they see me pull up, they fly from where ever they are. 
They wait until I put out a treat for them (Chicken Delight), and then come down to eat. 
They literally wait until I turn my back. 

I was waiting for one to turn into the sun today to get a good picture. 

I pay for all the feed at the Ag, both Chicken Delight and Protein pellets, so... I don't mind 
putting some out for the wildings.  

The other day, I was at Marshall's.  I found this little 
Le Creuset baking pan for 7.99.  If you know 
how much they retail for, you would realize this was a good deal. 

I needed it just for small dishes for myself. 

You can see it's perfect for two servings. 

This is what I fixed in it.  "Funeral Potatoes". 

Two weeks ago, I helped serve a funeral lunch at church. 
The lady cooking put a HUGE pan of whole canned potatoes... yes, I said
CANNED potatoes, in a big baking pan.  She poured melted butter over them, 
and then salted and peppered them. 

Then she sprinkled onion soup mix on them. 

This was covered, and baked at 350 for one hour. 

When she took it out, she sprinkled parsley over it, and then 
put cheese on top, sprinkling it across, then popped it back 
in the oven for five minutes, uncovered. 

Here is my horrid picture in bad lighting. 

My gosh, it was good.  

I used a cheese I got at Dillons, it is a Cheese with 
Parsley and Chives in it.  


I used one can of sliced white potatoes. 

Sister loves to lay in the deck door window in the morning, and watch Bird TV on the deck. 

Someone brought this to the same door, and wanted to bring it in. 

This would be the someone. 

I took the dogs to the Ag on Tuesday.  I can't let them loose to run while I do 
the chickens.  I can trust Jes, but not Lilly. 

This cracked me up as I finished spreading feed for the crows. 

He obviously didn't think it was that funny. 

We found a trail of feathers on the ground by the pond, that went back towards the railroad bridge. 

I took pictures there, which appeared to be where the kill was made. 

(they were too dark). 

Jester was having a BLAST off-leash. 
Remember, the Ag is closed this time of year, so there was 
no one there for him to bother, and I always carry plastic bags 
"just in case". 

He always goes to the edge of the pond, but rarely gets his 
feet wet.  Lilly, on the other hand, would wade right in. 

He finally wore himself out. 

Lilly was okay walking on her leash, it's a fairly long one.  
Sometimes I just can't get them to the park, so we substituted on Tuesday. 

I spent Wednesday in court.  About a year ago, Keith and I 
decided to sue a neighbor here, which we thought about 
before we did.  We had been bothered with him coming to the 
house repeated times, demanding that we move a 
discharge pipe from our sump pump in our back yard, 
that carried harmless water from our heater/air conditioner. 

It was finally rectified yesterday, to my satisfaction, at least, 
though I think Keith would have been mightily disappointed. 

It was the court's opinion that our pipe (MY pipe, now) is 
entirely legal, is separated from the property line by the 
correct distance, and is not causing him harm. 

He, on the other hand, is allowed to keep a dike he made, 
backing up water into a small pond on our land. 
I love the pond, so it was okay with me. 

No money will be exchanged, but 
our/my legal fees came to $9,000.00.  Yes, I said $9,000.00.

The important thing is that should I ever decide to move, 
this can be disclosed as a matter that has been resolved. 

I was able to sleep last night, for the first time 
in several nights because I confess to you, I am 
afraid of the man.  He intimidated me at 
our door four times, and finally, I got Keith out of 
his sick bed one day to deal with him, and he never 
came back after that.  He appeared to be belligerant in court, sitting with arms folded all day, and I was scared the whole time I was there.... not of the court, but of him. 

It took huge joy from our beautiful house, because to sit on 
the deck meant we look down on his house.  Keith only sat there 
maybe four times. 

I guess everyone is assuming where I am leading with this, 
but I am not there yet. 

I managed to get an Iphone cheaply from a family member, 
and I have been using it for pictures here and there. 
I took some of the pictures on this blog post with it. 

It has been two months today since I fell and broke my wrist. 
It is not only not healed, I have many more weeks of 
therapy and strengthening. 
I am trying very hard not to re-injure it. 

I leave you tonight with a short video from the Ag: 


  1. I haven't SEEN one for a long time, but I hear them in our woods at night.

  2. Hari OM
    The owl is magnificent - all our pics today are! HIYA JESTER!!! Glad that court case got settled - though unsettling in other ways. Poor neighbours can truly cause misery... Take care Mary Ann. Sending Love and Hugs, YAM xx

  3. I love the owl picture. Great capture.
    oops, was it one of your Ag chickens.

    I was wondering how your court went. Glad it somewhat worked out. I hate bullies. He should be ashamed of himself harassing you like that. Don't get me started on attorneys. It is not a nice subject with me.

    Happy weekend. Hope you have a great and relaxed one. Maybe you need a 8 foot wood privacy fence on the back side of your yard.

  4. What a beautiful picture of that owl. Sorry you had to spend so much to have the problem with your neighbor solved. It's not good at all to have an unhappy neighbor. Hope things calm down with the court making the decision. He has no choice but to accept what is. I take most of my pictures with my phone these days, my camera is gathering dust.

  5. Wow, to see that owl is a special thing! Our mom has never seen a real one in the wild! Glad that the court thing is over and we hope that man will stay away! It's a terrible thing to be fearful in your own home! Wondering if the water his dike holds back is generated on your property? At least you were pleased with the outcome and felt like it was fair. Just remember that pond is not an ocean so you still need that ocean!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Wow! That owl is gorgeous!!! Love the "car face" :-). Sorry you have had so much trouble with your neighbor. Been there :-/. Selfishly hoping you aren't giving up your big camera for your iPhone.

  7. Beautiful owl! That 9 thousand dollars hurts,,, and you still have to look at him!
    Be safe


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