Sunday, February 26, 2017

Catching Up at the End of the Month

I am trying to type this as I listen to the Oscar's Red Carpet. 

You know you are old when you only recognize about a third of the 
people walking. 

Honestly, who ARE all these people? 

I told you I was going to start posting more often, 
but instead, I have posted less in the last two weeks.  I am sorry for that, I truly enjoy posting, but I am also struggling with the things that have to be accomplished after losing 
Keith.  Some are not pleasant, and that's all I'll say. 

I have had a few chances to take pictures. 

Oddly, I have two cameras over at the Ag, but am not getting much on them. 
I don't know if I have simply forgotten how to run the darn things, or what! 

I'll sit down tomorrow when I am there, and see if I can figure it out. 
I'm no longer putting all the pictures willy-nilly into the computer, I 
actually sit and look at them on the card, before I import.  Saves a LOT of 
space on the hard drive.  This raccoon was in the woods. 

Yep, I'm still going daily to take care of my friends at the Ag. 

I was absolutely blessed on Thursday, because Lee, who will be leaving 
the Ag at the end of this week, and my grandson, Chris, cleaned the 
entire henhouse for me!  Woo hoo!

Then they bedded the whole thing down with wonderful sweet-smelling fresh straw.  

I am still wearing my splint on my broken wrist, and see the doctor on 
Wednesday of NEXT week to make sure it has healed.  I still go to 
therapy, too, for another week. 

Gosh, I love birds, and I really love crows! 

I'm always glad when I get a good look at one! 

This red-winged blackbird was on the back deck this morning.  I know spring is coming, when the red-wings come back. 

I have taken the suet hanger off the deck, the starlings... ugh.   A mess! 

I am slowing down the feeding, it makes such a mess. 

We walked the dogs at Angel Falls on Thursday afternoon. 

Our temperatures veered from 80 to 39 in two days. 

These happy, golden moments.  

Jaxton's third grade class had their spring program on Thursday night.  It was a patriotic program, and one of his classmates designed the "Of Thee I Sing" tee shirts that the kids wore. 

They closed with "Taps"... sung... and grandma couldn't help it, I cried through the whole thing. 

I went to church Saturday afternoon, since I took Chris home to Garnett on Friday. 
I came across these two red-shouldered hawks... one could have been last year's chick. 
I had the smaller Canon camera with me, got out of the car, and gave it a shot. 
I should explain... I can't really SEE through the site of this camera, I have to 
guess, usually.  I was stunned that the pictures came out well. 

I looked for them again today, but did not see them. 

You can see the red belly on this red-bellied woodpecker on the deck, though. 

And this little guy with his nut. 

I'm watching this every few days now, to see when this year's 
clutch will be laid. 

I will TRY to post more often... life keeps intervening. 


  1. I've been wondering how you've been doing. My wife was a widow when I married her. She told me that some bureaucrats aren't very helpful at such times.

  2. I follow Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm and she has shared some of the mountain of work that comes when your spouse dies. I'm so sorry you are burdened with unpleasantness, but so glad you are finding joy in birds, dogs, grandson, and beauty!

  3. Life is very busy. Post when you can. I hope things will get easier for you Mary Ann. Love the pictures. Jax is getting so big. They grow so fast.

    Glad Chris and the other Lee helped with the hens.

    Praying your wrist will heal soon. Please take care.

  4. Life isn't easy, but on the bright side there is a lot to enjoy anyway. Your pictures are always so nice and reflect the lighter side. Those are the days that give life meaning. Hoping your days get easier as time passes.

  5. i agree...just post when you can. don't pressure yourself! what a help that they cleaned the hen house for you and it looks like they did a great job too!

  6. Yes, life gets busy and the days slip away. We hope the doctor gives you the OK on the wrist and it healed well! Great photos but mom is still in awe over the 80 degrees.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Yes sometimes we must take care of business! Thats enough!

  8. I always wonder why I watch the Oscars as I never see a film anymore at the theater and like you I know so few of them anymore. But I love seeing the dresses.

    Like someone said above, I too follow Sandra from Thistle Cove Farm and know from her that the months or even years after losing a spouse can be so full of red tape. She's recently gone through such upheaval as pipes in her house burst and ruined so many rooms in her more than century old house. Life gets very complicated sometimes.

  9. Great pics.
    We sure know the feeling of life interrupting for sure.
    Hope you get things figured out.

    Happy weekend!

    M : )


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