Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Helllppppp! (And Pictures)

I was told about two hours ago by a dear friend that 
Blogger had changed.  I had not realized it. 

I just went in to change my header picture, and I can't figure out 
how to do it now! 


If anyone of you has done so recently, will you give me some tips 
on where to find the option to remove the hummingbird picture and replace it? 


I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted last... I am going to try to improve on that. 
There has just been so much to do in these last six weeks. 

I was at the Ag yesterday decorating for Christmas with Judy, 
the general factotum. 

This little guy was watching us while we decorated the train depot. 

Here is a better picture of him taken today: 

He watched ME quizzically as I watched him.  I had tossed a few tiny 
pumpkins his way, I'll see if they are still there tomorrow. 

Either there is a front door and back door, or there are two. 

I am PRAYING they don't kill them, you know me. 

He/they is/are under the blacksmith shop. 

Just thought this was neat. 

There they go. 

Yesterday, they were on the pond. 

And so was a lone mallard drake.  I have been expecting ducks for weeks, but have seen very few. 

Oddly, I saw what appeared to be a vulture on Sunday, weeks after the vultures had left. 

I think maybe I was seeing things, and it was a redtail up high. 

This, my friends, is my totally worn out Canon 
I literally wore it out over the last 4 years!  
As you see, it is stuck open, and you can see the chrome is 
worn from being pulled in and out of my pocket over and over. 

It was very, very sturdy.  

There is still color at Basehor City Park, and we have had some wonderful walks lately. 
The temps are plunging tonight. 

All the pee mail.  All. The. Pee. Mail. 

There is a Wiener Patrol at the park. 
Every day, at the fence, barking. 
Jester would play if he could. 

There are three. 

Something caught her interest along the creek top. 

Color on the ground, too. 

Our best girl, Lilly Ann!  


  1. I was hoping you were okay. The problem with groundhogs is that they can undermine a foundation and cause an eventual building collapse. Nice pics!

  2. Mary Ann,

    Nice pictures, hope all is well.
    I believe you can use the layout command to go in and change your header.
    I've removed my header, and placed a new one created through a powerpoint program.

  3. I think the ground hog is your totem animal! He brought you great news today!

  4. Wonderful pictures.

    Young groundhog is quite tasty is prepared properly. They are fun to watch.

    I love Canon...I have destroyed many. I forget and put mine in the pockets with the rocks!


  5. Hari OM
    I love your creative sky/bird shot!!! My mate "The Fudge" is also showing signs of aging - pictures not as sharp as they once were, graininess, sometimes difficulty focusing. Can't afford a new one, so hope it has another year in it!

    Now then... As of tomorrow, I shall be running a three-part 'etherwobblie' article (2nd on Monday and third the following Thursday) which may interest you. Bottom line is the Blogger head office think they are improving things for us, but they are - of course! - not doing it all in one step; so in the meantime we have to endure this awful arrangement they have at the moment. If you have only one blog, it is all there to see... but I have three and it is a bit of a b*****.

    For your immediate question; when you go onto the dashboard you will see on the LEFT sidebar, at the top, the name of your blog and a very small 'view blog' badge. You obviously found the 'new post' badge. Going down the left side bar is exactly the same as it always was if you clicked into the blog from the original dashboard. It is just that they have removed that 'front page' we had and combined it with the reader. Scrolling the sidebar will show you all the same tools you had, and it is in LAYOUT that you make changes to how your bloggy looks. (If you haven't done it for a while, it can take a bit of remembering, so that's okay!) In layout, you will see the 'header' box - on bottom right there is the edit button. The rest you ought to be able to follow yourself - one hint I would make though; make your image into letterbox format of around 2000px wide and 1200 - 1500px deep - then also use the 'shrink to fit' button in the header edit... it can make things look a wee bit sleeker up top! Importantly - HAVE FUN. &*> Huggies, YAM xx

  6. The changes on blogger are a bit confusing. I've had a time of it but have not had an occasion to change the layout at all. The directions in the comment above look like they will help. I love all your pictures as always and hope all is going well for you !

  7. Nice pictures. I guess that's a groundhog. Never seen one here.

    Hope things are settling down a bit for you.

    The dogs look great.

  8. Blogger did change a few things. We better check it out too
    Lily & Edward


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