Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Moving Right Along

Mother Nature had a surprise for us yesterday morning. 

And this morning, too!
The deck was VERY slick. 

We are having some below-normal temps. 

Tomorrow brings rain, and Keith tells me that the Farmer's Almanac, 
that warned of the cold winter just past... has warned now of a 
cooler-than-normal summer. 

After the last two scorchers, I'm ready. 

Lilly and Abby have been picking up on the vibrations the last few weeks. 
Lilly was in the car waiting for me yesterday as I loaded it yet again. 

So today, I took her leash out and snapped it on, and we went for a ride. 
Lilly and Ranger rarely left Calamity Acres.  If they did, it was usually to go see 
Dr. Tom.  This composed look soon faded away to heavy panting, as she got more and more anxious. 

When we got to the house, I ran in with her, and raised the garage door (we didn't get a remote for it). 
I put her back in the car to back the car IN... and then we went back into the house.  I know she could smell the two big dogs that had lived there. 

She went from room to room, checking it out, and I left the leash on,  on purpose. 

Nothing would make her come down the basement stairs... she would come into the doorway, look at me, and go back out into the hall. 
There's plenty of time for this. 

When we got home, once she realized we were in the driveway, I unhooked the leash and let 'er rip. 
She was so glad to be in her own pasture. 

This isn't a very good picture, but this small homestead, on the road that I have been using to go back and forth, used to house a family with a big white dog... and goats in that lovely tan barn, and chickens in the metal barn you can just see behind it. 

I realize, after driving this way now for two weeks, that no one lives here anymore. 
The road was closed for nearly a year while they replaced a bridge over the creek... and at some point, the family who lived here either lost the home, or the renters moved.  I was always careful not to hurt the big dog, who had only 3 legs and laid in the road regularly. 
It's a lovely place. 

It's pretty quiet in the old henhouse these days. 

It takes me about ten minutes to do chores. 

And little Speedy has not been down even once since the hens were taken last week. 

I've been cleaning out feeders and water fountains to take to the sale tomorrow. The auction is 
Saturday, and Keith has been hauling things down there this week... to our fairgrounds, where the auctioneer is set up.  We thought there was an April sale... and found out this morning there is not another sale until June 24th, so now we are hurrying to get things into this one. 

I am going to put the chicken stuff in one lot, and the black trough, and fortexes (there are some out of sight) in another. 

If you don't think this isn't hurting me... you don't know me very well... but I also like to make the best of a bad situation. 

Keith is even now filling the back of the pickup to take another load down to the fairgrounds. 

Any money we can accumulate we can use to make our humble house here decent for someone to buy. 

Today's eggs.  Thank you Henrietta, Folly and April. 

Here is a side view of Moe, after the attack by Lilly.  His beautiful tail is almost gone, and he had a huge tuft of feathers now missing on his saddle... huge... which is why I thought he was gone that night. 
He will not come down from the nest box now. 

Moe is going with me, and the four little hens, April, Snowflake, Fleura and Fluffernut. 
If I can get her, I'm going to take the tiny white hen with the black tail in the old henhouse. 

We're trying to figure out what to do for a coop, a decent-looking coop, at this point, without spending a fortune I don't have. 

One morning next week, I'll take Ferdie the beautiful big rooster... Speedy, my tiny boy, 
and two of the porcelain's (The Elvi) to the feed store parking lot in a crate... and see if I can give them away. 
It's breaking my heart to do it... I had hoped to take Ferdie and Speedy... but we are not going to have room. 

The kind people who took the second batch of chickens... the Tates... will take the last three big hens, and the matched porcelain pair.  

Once everything is empty here... Chris and I will go to town and clean the buildings. 
I'm trying to think of a way to transport some cleanings to the new house for compost, but we shall see. 

Tomorrow I'll try to show you a picture of the only plantings there, and also, where I am 
going to put two perennial beds. 

My apologies to everyone for my non-commenting this past two weeks.  I do get a chance to sit, but 
not for long, usually. 
I will get caught up once we get settled. 

I hope everyone is well! 


  1. Glad to know things are running along .......

  2. Hi Mary Ann
    I know you do like to make the best of things,, even things that hurt,, and we do know you well enough to know this is hurting you badly. We are so sorry for your heart to go through such sadness.
    We know that you Mary Ann, have one of the kindest hearts there is,,, always wanting to help humans, furrys or feathered friends. You have been a friend to all., We are asking for blessing to come to you and Keith, and that you find some peace in know that you have helped so many.,
    If we were there- we would help you,,, we love you, and all the animals that you have helped,, thank you,, I know they do,.

  3. I think you are doing a great job with your situation. It's not easy to keep so focused on everything you have to do. The move, the sale and all and still chores to do too, are making for some very busy days for you. Take care and keep up the good work. Soon it'll be nothing but a memory. Then you can start working on some new ones!

  4. i can just imagine how hard this is for you! all of the animals must be confused. i can't imagine moving teddy from here. hang in there!

  5. Well you've been very, very busy and don't have time to blog hop and leave comments. Lilly is a beautiful dog. Reminds me of Country. Country wanted to go, then she always started fretting.

    Don't over do it!

  6. Great plan to get stuff to the auction.

  7. Mary Ann,

    Go do what you need to do, and don't over work. We all will be here, and you'll be back just take your time.

  8. Godspeed, Mary Ann. You are a courageous lady. Onward & upward to new adventures!

  9. Sorry for my lack of commenting on your recent posts Mary Ann, life is hectic but you have really been in my thoughts. From one kindred spirit to another I understand how hard this must be for you all. Sending you good luck vibes and the best of all things for the coming move x


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