Friday, March 21, 2014

Catching Up

I wanted you all to see my spring decoration.

The peep will be joined soon by others.  
A mantel, the mantel of my dreams to decorate. 

Fawni and Spicey don't know it yet, but they are 
going to be joining seven other ducks in their new flock. 
They will be so happy, and so will I.  I will miss the ducks dreadfully. 

Mark from Seifert Flooring came to give us an estimate this morning. 
He had his five assistants in the truck with him.  They go everywhere with him, and aren't they the cutest? 

Here are oldest grands Chris and Nate, getting the dog pen in the pasture out of the 
dirt it had sunken into. 
This pen was used for the small Mille Fleur flock I had... they lived 
in the doghouse you can just barely see, throughout a spring, summer,  fall, and early winter. 
The remnants of that flock left us this week.  

With both boys heaving, they were able to get it up and then move it so they could cut 
the poultry wire off of it.  We are selling it to someone this weekend, and 
they are going to need to take it apart to get it in their truck, I'm sure. 
We're throwing in the sturdy doghouse with it. 

I honestly don't know what we would have done without the boys, Chris's girlfriend Haleigh, 
who lined all the cabinets for me today, 
and the boy's mom Sherie.

She was giving Abby a massage here, and Abby was in dog heaven.  
Sherie drove my car back and forth, loaded, while I drove the truck today. 
Let's just say we didn't have two of the loads quite battened down and leave it at that. 

Friends, I am not abandoning gardening, or chicken keeping completely, 
but these next few weeks are going to be extremely busy while we shift 
our lives over... and then I will be coming here daily to clean the outbuildings, the house, do some 
garden maintenance, etc.  I am not moving the few chickens I am taking for another few weeks, for sure. 

I need to come up with some kind of coop to keep them in, within the fenced portion of the yard, because from what we have seen, dogs are allowed to run free in the new neighborhood.  Ours will be fenced in

And Moe is definitely going! 

Thank you again for all of your positive comments and encouragements. 
You don't know how they helped me get through this week, that was so hard on me. 


  1. Mom Kim here - I am so sorry I have been absent from leaving comments - I have been following and reading your posts but
    seems like time for comments has eluded me lately. It is good to see you smiling - I totally get the mixed feelings you have been experiencing for sometime now - I often refer to them as a roller-coaster of emotions; there have been so many changes I have had to go through since the onset of my disabilities in 1976 - not to mention that I am a Navy brat and have lived on both coasts as well as a couple places in between.

    So that is the fireplace in your new home - love that mantel and love that your fireplace is a lighter color than the one I have. All those pictures are so great and the "assistants" are really cute.
    I may not be commenting much on your posts (want to but no time ) but still will be reading. Looking forward to seeing more of your new place and reading the update.

  2. what a wonderful new fireplace and mantel! you will have so much fun decorating it! i bet you will be so relieved to have the move behind you. hang in there!

  3. I love your mantle. What a beauty you have there. It will be fun decorating it. So glad you have all that help there. Moving is a big job for sure. Hope all continues to go well with your move. So nice to hear many have found new homes.

  4. Five of them? They must be well trained--I can't imagine keeping track of five of them! Looks like you may need a step stool when decorating your mantel :)

    You will be so very busy. Running back and forth is rough. I used to check on my parents' house every couple weeks. It is an hour away. We sold it the following summer and I was so relieved.

  5. Changes in life are never easy, but always blessed in some way. I am sure you will love your new home when things are settled and in their respective place. I look forward to reading about this new journey in your life.

  6. The light at the end of the long tunnel! I knew it would show itself soon. So excited for you!

  7. It is good to see the smile on your face! You look so much rested to.
    I know you have been and will be busy , if you help from Ken and I let
    us know.

    Love the mantel!

    M : )

  8. Changes are always difficult to navigate, but new memories await you :)

    Smiles :)

  9. Mary Ann,

    I'm excited for you, and love your new fire place mantel. Take your time getting your new place the way you want.

  10. Your new home is going to be so homey-- and we cannot wait to see how you get it all fixed up! The fireplace is gorgeous- and that mantle-- oh gosh! Its going to be so fun for you! Your sooo cute standing there- with the most beautiful smile,,,!
    Your smile is like huggss,, reaching out everywhere!
    What a wonderful family you have to help you!!! And even Abby is saying thank you,,for the ear rubs.
    Take one day at a time!

  11. Your farm is so much attractive. I like it.

    Trees Planet

  12. Yes, a beautiful mantel!

    Looks like you had a lot of great help.


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