Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hold On To Those Fifties!

Gosh, it's 54 degrees out right now!  Sunny... but the wind is picking up. 

The wind is bringing with it Polar Vortex Two. 

Abby has been inside with me cleaning the house and doing dishes... and chewing on a bone. 
She rarely gets to do this, as Lilly would kill her for the bone, and I am not exaggerating. 
We never have let bones down on the floor here, and rarely, rarely outside.  Lilly means to be the boss. 
It's not worth it to me to have to worry... and she is defensive of her bones outside, too, so I am always careful.  But this was a treat for Abs, who thoroughly enjoyed the chew.  The bone is put up now, again, for safety. 

I went out to the henspa when I got home from the hospital visiting my brother Mike this morning, and no one was home, except the three rafter-dwellers. 

No one! 

I went outside to find the hens-who-never-leave-the-henhouse... those at the top of the picture, and the little white on the side... all outside, enjoying the sun and fresh air.  
 I couldn't believe it! 

One of the two little Mille Fleur roosters was "protecting" them, and I was glad to see it.  As you see, the big white hen is laying down, as usual.  I'm going to take a really good look at her today.. she CAN walk... she just doesn't.  
I gave them all some bread that I was given at the food pantry yesterday, so everyone was happy. 

Ferdie and some of the big hens were hanging around, too... in hopes of getting more bread. 

I'm about to go out and let the flock loose in the yard... but Lilly must come in first.  
It's funny, because after 8 years, I can have her in the pasture with the ducks and chickens there loose... and I don't worry about her.  The yard is "hers" though, and I have to keep her in while the flock is out.  

I hope everyone is either enjoying the respite between layers of cold... or surviving the cold that has not gone away. 

53 days until spring! 


  1. I'm glad you finally got a break from the cold weather. We set another record yesterday for warmth (78 in Sacramento, set in 1899). We are supposed to drop back down to normal this week. So wierd, the way we are hot and dry and you are extremely cold. No normal weather anywhere...

  2. Not soon a healthy taste today and am open arms to Spring!
    Looks as if all the girls are happy...enjoying a bit of sun. do hope this next system
    comes thru quickly and it warms up quickly. Tttttiiiirrrreeeedddd of being cold!!

  3. no respite here! we hit a balmy 18 today and that is the warmest we will be for all of next week!

  4. These up and down weather patterns aren't healthy for anyone...human or animal! I am counting right along with you!

  5. Thanks for the 53 days reminder. The last time someone said how many days it was it was in the 80s. I can handle the 50s. This wind is trying to drive me out of my mind!

  6. Everyone looks so warm and happy in your pictures. Hope you got them put up before dark. Here at 8:00 the wind hit the house, wham, and it has been blowing hard ever since. "Wind advisory, high winds may cause power outages". We'll hope not. The wind doesn't always blow this hard in March!

  7. You must be feeling better now if you got out to see your brother. How nice to see your chicks in the sun. We got a little warmer here too but temps are already dropping this morning. We managed to accumulate some snow again and none melted. Keep warm there.

  8. Keep chewing Abby before you know who return, BOL

  9. Yesterday was so, not so much! At least the sun is shining. Stay warm!

  10. Holy smokes, a heat wave!! No wonder everyone was outside enjoying some air! :)

  11. The chickies are looking very happy- guess cause you brought them some bread!
    Moms always put my rawhide bones up when they get little-- in fact they go in the garbage! Abby looks very content not worrying where Lilly is.

  12. Abby looks like she's slimmed up! And that's a good thing.


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