Thursday, February 21, 2013

White Out!


I got up at 4, no snow. 

Keith got up at 5:30 AM to let Abby out for a moment.... no snow. 

This girl was around earlier...

No snow. 

This morning: 

Abby very bravely did chores with me first thing, but then came in. 

Lilly is glad to be in, too... her big paws pick up frostballs and hurt her

See the ice on the bowl?  It's 1:40 and I've redone it four times already. 

The starlings are desperate. 

Our birds are all in and on top of each other for the day. 
At least they are warm and dry and have water. 

This was a blessing from God... the snow blew just right so I could open the gate into the henyard without shoveling.  I had to take care of the five little roosters in the little henhouse.  Oh, how I wish I could integrate them so I could close it up. 

It did not stack behind the big henhouse, either... just the way the wind is blowing... so I put a fortex of feed and some water back there (just out of sight) for the wild birds. 
I won't replenish that until tomorrow... too hard! 

The little roosters have feed and water for the night. 

Poor little robin! 

That's it for a snowy Thursday from Calamity Acres! 


  1. We are not getting what you are right now. Only had a few inches overnight but more is on the way for us tomorrow. It may be the remnants of your storm we'll be getting then. Glad everyone is keeping warm. Except maybe that poor robin. Hope he finds some shelter soon.

  2. Poor little robin!! Doesn't he realize it's not spring yet!! But this winter has been crazy -- hot - cold - hot - cold!! Wish you could blow some of that snow down our way!!! Just one snow day please!!!
    Stay in and stay warm!

  3. We are getting it really bad right started a few hours got to leave work early so he could come home tonight...we are still waiting on momma to get home from work...she only has to drive 2 blocks but it is downhill and we are afreard she will slide off into the des moines river!!! We hope not tho, cos we are ready to lay on her lap and just snuggle tonight plus she can't swim...stay warm mary ann!
    stella rose and maggie

  4. Oh, that picture of that little Robin made me sad. The wren that keeps trying to roost in our back porch light was there last night and I didn't have the heart to kick him out since the storm was coming.

  5. Wow!!! that is a lot of birds at the feeder....poor Robin is right......Is that the Vixen at the bowl of food?....Stay Warm Francine.

  6. We had 6" and are due for more Sunday. Due to the big wind, we have some bare spots and some deep drifts.

  7. Wow, it looks COLD! We are warm in South Texas.

  8. Hi Mary Ann!
    I buy these magnets (Auto-Delivery) through Willabee & Ward...sister company of Danbury Mint.
    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Puggums

  9. Lots of snow! At least the chickens have a warm, dry place to hang out. That poor robin!

  10. Brrrr...that storm hit you guys a lot harder than it did us! You are so sweet for taking care of the wild birds! :)


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