Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Storm Follow Up

Just one more day of pictures of what we're dealing with here.  

If I can get something to embed in here, I'll  have a nice and cheerful post for you tomorrow! 

I spent an hour digging out the car and the truck.  Keith's work truck, the State Tahoe, has 4 wheel drive, and he was able to zip right out of here to work.  He was also happy to report to me that the streams are running with lots of water between here and KCK, where his office is. 

That was very good news. 

It's 38 degrees out right now, and our drive is a mess... I mean, a real mess. This is looking down the 100 yard drive towards the parking area.  

I have a Chevy HHR, and it is NOT a snow car, though it has many good points.  It sits very low to the ground, though, and drags in the snow.  

Keith agreed with me, that I am house bound for a few more days. 

This pretty girl waited for me.  She is almost nine now, and the spring is leveling out in her step... she hates the ice forming on her, and as you see, had plenty of ice and snow packed in her fur.  

This oh-so-nice picture at Command Central shows you how very tired we all are after the last two days.  
I'm so glad for the moisture, the weather man says we are almost up to where we needed to be... so good news for farmers and farm ponds... but whew... I'm pooped out trudging through it, and it shows in my face. 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres! 


  1. We are really having some wet snow here as well.
    I keep thinking Spring is only a few more weeks away :)

  2. We lucked out here in Nebraska -- so sorry you got bombarded!

  3. Yes, the snow makes so much more work. We're tuckered out too.
    Such a cute picture of Command Central.

  4. It will be so nice for our grounds to have all this moisture but it does
    make such a mess!
    Take care.

    M :)

  5. I love to see you all together inside your home- safe from the cold!
    So much snow- we also hear about it on tv.

  6. Hope the snow has stopped now for you and with temps over the freezing mark, you'll soon be able to get out and about. Good news that your drought situation is now better. We here only had lots of rain. Now it's much colder and snow is on the way. Hope your Thursday is a great one!

  7. Glad you got the wet, but hate it was so much snow.

    Take care and have a good rest of the week and weekend.

  8. Trudging through the snow and having to SHOVEL it would make anyone tired! Glad ya'll got some much needed moisture though! You and them pups stay warm, okay?


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