Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Already

Well, we got to 47 degrees today, but are expecting a wintry mix for tomorrow!  Kansas weather! 

On Sunday, son Jim brought Nathan out so we could get him to his mom and home to Garnett.  Along with Jim were Nathan's brothers Jax, and Jake.  I had made cookies and they took them home, but that afternoon, Jim called to tell me the cookies "tasted funny" and that Jax had broken out in a red rash of hives all over him.  I worried that I had made him sick in some way, and worried all night.  The next day, he went to Urgent Care, and they found out he had the scarlet rash of strep throat, even though he was not symptomatic with anything else.  They got antibiotics right away.  

Guess who has a sore throat now? 

Uh huh. 

If you don't see me on your blogs for a few days, you know what has happened. 

I told you last night that we have been thinking of getting a pony, and a mini donkey to keep it company, for equines are so sad when they are alone. 

My friend Joani who lives in northwest Missouri has raised horses and many different kinds of exotic livestock for years.  I went up there, if you remember, in September, to look at her ponies.  As a sideline, she runs a pony ride, and at Halloween, she ran hers for six weeks at a local pumpkin patch.  Some of the ponies did great, and some, not so well.  She keeps them on the wheel for two hours at a time, and changes them out.  

She subsequently put several up for sale, but has had no takers, with hay and the economy being like it is. 

I'll show you a few:

That's Anastasia, who is out of a pony mare, and Joani's registered quarter horse stud.  I happen to like her very much, but she is on the larger side, about 12-13 hands. 

This beauty is the best broke of all.  He is a gelding, but he is very hard to catch.  His name is Julian.  Of course, they are in an 80 acre pasture, regularly, and here would be in a much smaller space, with plenty of one-on-one attention. 

Delilah is probably bred, as are the other mares, all exposed to a registered Shetland stallion.  
She did not do well in the sweep... and as you see, looks rough here, her mane and tail full of burrs.  Joani does not think she was ever broken right to begin with.  

I LOVE Banjo, the mini-mule.  However,she is hard to catch, though broke to ride and drive. 

And here is Jax's favorite... 

It's a terrible picture of Trixie... she is a Welsh mare... the plainest Jane of the bunch. 

She is broke to ride and drive, and actually went pretty well, but got excited in the sweep and they had trouble calming her (so would I if I were a pony). 

She is outgoing and friendly, which is a huge plus for me, and is five years old. She is dark bay, though you can't necessarily see it from this picture. 

Here is a better picture of Trixie on the day I went up to see them in September... she looks much better in this picture, and in fact, I snapped her because I liked her. 

One white foot buy him
Two white feet try him
Three white feet look well about him
Four white feet do well with out him

I'm not into hasty decisions.  We should be getting our bid on the re-making of our horse corral... Keith will be tied up with the greenhouse for another month or so.  The bid should be here tomorrow, and we can begin to make plans.  I'm also enquiring about getting some more hay.  

Joani will not be hauling them to the sale, so they will be available for a while.  I think it's going to be Trixie, but that's not the final decision.  Yet. 


  1. all the pretty ponies
    good uck
    Stella rose

  2. I've never heard that verse before. Any idea how it originated? I would go with Trixie, or Julian. Both nice looking ponies! FWIW

  3. I hope it's all in your imagination and that you don't get sick! Trixie looks so sweet!

  4. Gosh I hope you feel better soon.
    We used to have donkeys- your right- hay is so expensive- and all the vet bills

  5. Julian is beautiful; look like a Haflinger! Catching issues are easily fixed in my experience, and I prefer geldings. :-)

  6. Hope you're not getting sick again - didn't you just get over it? And I think all those babies are gorgeous. Delilah looks just like the pony I had when I was 6. *sigh* Someday I'll have a pony...

  7. You really do have a lot of plans for Spring there. Lots to look forward too with the green house and now maybe a pony too. Hope you stay healthy and don't catch the bug.

  8. I know whoever you get will be getting a good home.

  9. I like them all! :)
    We had a couple of miniature donkey jennies last year but had to sell them because of the price of hay. I was glad they went to a really nice family with young boys who will love them to pieces.
    I hope you don't end up getting sick!


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