Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

This will be a picture-heavy post, I'm warning everyone! 

I took a lot of pictures these last few days of good weather.  As I type this at 2:48, it is 56 degrees out!  There is a little wind, so I put a jacket on to go out, but, my goodness!  

Yesterday I drove to Fort Leavenworth to get my throat checked for strep, since little Jax, our grandson, was diagnosed last Monday.  I didn't have strep, but my throat is raw, and I am trying to carry on. 

I saw this going on as I went "the back way" to the post. 

The farmers around here are taking advantage of the drought conditions to re-do their ponds.  We have seen scores of ponds now cleaned out and good silt used on their dams, etc.. 

Here's a barn that Keith and I love.  It has a lovely house with it, but the house actually sits on a very rocky outcropping/cliff, and worries us every time we see it!  Biggify to see three little donkeys there. 

At home, the Queen of the Yard was surveying her domain.  Wait until you see what Keith has started on this deck. 

Abby and I went for a walk in the pasture with some of the birds. 

Mama, HELP me!!!!

Sometimes Jackson decides he doesn't want puggies around his flock. 

As you see, we had a big train of birds behind me.  Abby's off to the left, wondering if she should come down.  (She did) 

Here's where the fox and probably the skunk are coming through in the wild area where the three properties meet. 

Here's a better look: that's Troy's dam just past our fence, and you can see how thick the thicket has become. We used to be able to get our walk gate open in the corner, but it is now overgrown. 

At that point, Abby decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and put me in between herself and Jackson, who was still with us. 

Don't worry, I did NOT let them get her, and she goes in the pasture and amongst the birds all the time.  She has always been trustworthy with them.  Lilly was laying at the gate waiting for us... I can't trust her until the birds are locked up for the night. 

I tried to upload a video twice for this post... it was very amusing... but I cannot get it to go to Blogger... despite waiting an hour.  Has anyone had luck loading directly to your blog without going to You Tube first? 

And the last picture... 
Command Central: 

Quite the corner, huh?  Books that I am reading, magazines, ditto... my purse, my tennies... sunflower seeds, and a stash of valentine heart candy.  Pitiful!  

I made an attempt to straighten it up today! 


  1. Like your quilt. (I used to grow Christmas trees.)

  2. I hope you're soon feeling better...strep throat (or anything remotely like it!) is miserable. Looks like you're having beautiful weather, and the birds know it, don't they?! :)

  3. We all must have our stopping spots, the place that has all we need. It matters not what it looks like if you reach and find exactly what you're looking for.

  4. The brown turkey is beautiful. I love how the chickens run to you. Mine do too. Enjoyed the walk around the yard. Get well soon.

  5. I have a Command Central too! Everything around me within reach. It's where I blog, plan menus, read and relax at the end of the day.

    I loved this visit around your farm. Abby is so cute running bravely around among the poultry people. Lots going on there today! Glad you tested negative for strep and hope your throat feels better soon. Do you try using a vaporizer to get some moisture into the air?

    I can't wait until you get a donkey so we can see pictures of him, or her, added to the farm. Hey, is a female donkey called a Jenny or did I just dream that up? What is a male called?

  6. It's so cute how the birds followed you.
    I like that white barn too. It's nice that it has an overhang.

  7. I've succeeded in loading videos directly to my blog, but it takes a looooong time....

  8. I loved seeing all the pictures. How nice to have some warm weather to be out and about. Sorry to hear you still have that sore throat though. Here at my house I have more than one command central it seems. But the one by the TV is the main one. Everything I need when I settle in for the evening.

  9. Morning, wow!!! Can't believe the temps your getting, nice not to see snow.....How cute all the birds following you, love that.....Great pictures, enjoyed your outing with you, can almost smell the fresh air....Blessings Francine.

  10. Jackson seems to be a very social bird! On other blogs with turkeys - they always follow the person around too! Neat how ALL the creatures seem to get along!

  11. Great post! But I liked the last phrase the most! "Made an attempt to clear it up!" That sums me up lately!

  12. I love the pictures of Abby!! Adorable :) Great pictures and looks like great weather indeed. I have one of those command centrals too - I don't think you can tidy it up - not for long anyway LOL mine never lasts!! :)

  13. It's the opposite here, all the ponds are full.

    Jackson is funny following Abby


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