Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Working on my Pictures

I have taken some advice from Brenda at Cozy Inspiration and tried to go slower with my photography, actually "setting up" some pictures instead of just snapping at random.  I still like to tell stories with them, but I am surprised at what pictures I'm getting now that I am taking a little slower time to take them, and looking for shadows, etc.

Yesterday's post showed some of those shots that I had taken a little more care with, and I'm probably going to bore you with more in the next few days.

Yesterday afternoon, I was at a loss for something to fix for dinner from the refrigerator.  I found this delicious recipe:

Crockpot Breakfast Casserole

Picture from Finding Joy in My Kitchen

YUMM!  I was out of "oomph" and short of things to fix for dinner that did not have to be thawed.... and this fit the bill. 

You can find the recipe here at Finding Joy in my Kitchen.

Leeann over at The Old Parsonage is having a giveway on her blog... she has such a nice blog and makes you feel so good when you read it... here is the link to her giveaway, go see her and enter to win some Christmas books. 
Here are a few more pictures I took yesterday.


I'm really starting to see the benefits in thinking before I snap... however, it's hard to keep the models still!
As I was working at the computer yesterday morning, on another beautiful day... I saw a bunch of chickens in the yard.  A year ago, Lilly would have killed all of them, without hesitation.
Now, she simply laid there and let them peck. 
 I kept an eye on her.
After a while, I went outside to put them back in the pasture... you see, I don't mind them loose for a few more days, because as of this weekend, they will be in the pen of the new henspa, and not running loose in the pasture anymore. 
Here were the escapees:
And here was Lil getting ready to help me round them up.  I did have to tell her to leave them alone.  She stopped her run immediately.

She's a powerful girl.



  1. I'm glad she's finally learning not to harm them. Love the chicken on the top of the post.

  2. Awesome rooster shots! Great news about Lily that's a massive improvement that doesn't always happen. Obviously she's one good girl!

  3. those rooster shots are frame worthy...hang them in your kitchen =o)

  4. Nice looking rooster!! like those feathery feet!

  5. I definitely see the improvement in your photography! Brava!

  6. that is one smart dog and some good looking chicken legs! my mom has lots of problems with her pictures being wayyyy to dark, she says its cos her camera isn't worth a plugged nickel???
    Stella rose

  7. Your second rooster shot is just wonderful! I had the problem with moving models too. That's why I had to get a better (i.e. faster) camera. Have fun!


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