Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Soggy Day in Tongie Town

And a very soggy day it was.... we actually had tornado warnings over in the next county where I work, and spent over an hour in our official storm area of the building, waiting for the all clear.  Rain moved in and out in sheets this afternoon, and needless to say, the yard is water-logged.  We did need rain... but whew!

A soggy bird feeding station

Soggy llamas.

Even now it's blowing and howling outside, though they say we will have sun tomorrow. 
I sunk in the stinking MUCK behind the little henhouse tonight, so did rudimentary chores and came INSIDE like a sane person. 

Someone at work asked me yesterday "Do you really do an hour of chores every night when you go home?"... she has a professional manicure and I am sure has never seen a chicken close up.... and I answered "yes".  Her reply was "Oh my gosh, why do you do it?".... tonight is one of those nights you have to ask yourself WHY INDEED????"


  1. It's not chores, it's therapy. Well, on the dry days anyway. Right?

  2. Boy, the way it reeks behind the little henhouse, I'm not so sure anymore!

  3. Those rainy days do make one contemplate the ease of coming home and curling up with a good book!


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