Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finding the Key

While I was at the cemetery looking for our forebears, I came across a small stone, set in the ground.
On it was written:

I backtracked and took a picture, even though the last name was not spelled right.
When I found the 1900 census records, my great-grandparents were already older, and all their children had moved out and established their own families.  However, there was a third person living in the household, and his name had come up when I first searched for my great-grandfather.  That surname for the person was Angell, and I found that there were several families of Angells in Tonganoxie at the time.  It turned out that the third person was a young boy of 6, and was their grandson. 
Which daughter was his mother?  I have not found out, yet.
When I saw this stone, I was fascinated, and wondered if I had found a clue, because Great Grandfather Marcus and Great Grandmother Katrine (Catherine) had had a daughter Mary.  I still think it could be her.

Directly east of her stone, I found them:

I was so glad to know they were resting in such a beautiful place.  My mother knew my great grandfather, because he died in 1939, not long after she and dad were married. Their graves lie just in front of this beautiful grove of trees.

I am still experiencing problems with Blogger... is anyone else?  I am unable to resize pictures reliably, so apologize for the small ones in this story.

Hubbell Hill Cemetery is full of lovely old peony plants and iris... and still has room in it.  If we had not already decided to be in the national cemetery at Lansing, this would be a good place to rest.


  1. Glad you are finding lots of history,it is so rewarding. Be interested to see where this leads you in your search..

  2. You can learn a lot from old cemeteries.

  3. Interesting post.

    I'm still having the double spacing issue.
    I wish it would get resolved because it makes my posts look dumb! Good Luck.


  4. This proves what we have learned...when you find one, the others are not usually very far away. Look around.

    Yes, lots of issues with Blogger, including the picture sizing within the post. It does not work easily and well as it should. Posting sometimes is an exercise in frustration.

  5. I have always wanted to go to Union Cemetery, K.C. MO, but haven't done it yet. It's where civil war veterans are buried.


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