Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Country Auction

A week ago, I went to a country auction on a Sunday morning. The day dawned cloudy, but over the seven hours I was there, the sun finally came out and shone down on the auction site. The home of an elderly lady, the original homestead home still stood in a tumble-down fashioin, with the old farm buidings and pens. This was one of the most unique auctions I had ever attended... they had three rows of tables, probably 80 feet long... and as soon as one row was emptied, the auctioneer's helpers frantically unpacked more treasures for sale! The crowd that started out at 10 in the morning was dwindling by the time I left at 4:15... and there were still rows to be auctioned. The problem with going to an auction so early is that parking is always risky... in this case, I parked the truck on the verge of a narrow road probably 3/4 of a mile away... and had to walk down and bring it up to a closer verge to load it (down a hill, across a ditch!). I kept my expenditures to a minimum because of it. Having gone to church the night before, I was eager to get up, do chores, and spend the day at the auction. I was rewarded with the sight of many beautiful things, collected by the elderly lady that had lived there. I coveted an R.S. Prussia bowl, but could not wait the hours it took... I suspect it went last, and probably cheaply.

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