Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yesterday and Today

First off, I have the crud.  I don't want to say it's flu, but 
it FEELS like flu.  Headache, stomach upset, aching all over and little chills. 
No fever...yet. 

Crossing my fingers. 

This... is NOT A NORTHERN FLICKER as I said yesterday on Facebook. 

It's a red-bellied woodpecker, and yes, I know he has a red head. 
He is not a red-headed woodpecker. 

Here is a Northern Flicker, in our yard today...

Not even close, Mary Ann. 

Thanks to Teresa Perrin at Eden Hills... if you have never read her blog, you are missing a treat.  I'll tell you more about Teresa sometime this week. 

I also have GREAT bird support from my friend Jill, whom I can't thank enough. 

These beautiful peacocks are at my friend Roxane's... she has milked goats for 
years, and they are on the roof of her milk storage house.  See the little goat peeking out? 

Roxane is on a list to get bread from a bread store here.  She has been called 
3 times in the last few weeks... she gets a huge load for 24.00.  She does not have many birds right now, and she let me know to come and get some.  She sells 30 loaves for 5.00. 

So.... I have gone over there several times to get bread and take it...

To my friend whose chickens I am caring for.  She feeds bread at night to her poultry. 

It was in the high thirties - low forties today, but is PLUNGING as of tonight. 
The dogs had a great time running around in the good weather. 

I found a door hanger from the tree-eaters last Friday at the 
old place.  Yesterday when I came to do evening chores, I found this. 
Actually, the cedars were still standing, and the two workers asked me if I wanted them down.  I said "YES"... they overgrow fencelines so. 

Here is the view today:

They had the debris picked up by 9 AM. 

Keith will cut these stumps down to the ground, along with the only other one left to the left of these. 

This beautiful red tail was on the levee at County Road Five this afternoon. 

Notice the color of this hawk's head. 

He flew across the road in front of the car near my friend's this morning. 

Now look at the red tail above it. 

Here's a closeup: 

See the bands on wings and tail, and the lighter head? 

This is a juvenile red tail, the only one I have seen hunting around here, though there 
must be many more, since it is the most prolific hawk in this area.  

I have been seeing many, many bluebirds drinking on the porch.  I'm going to take care to keep that heated water bowl full for the next few days, as we dive down into single digits again. 

I have to admit that this is the FIRST bunny I have seen on the porch camera! 

Plenty of kitties, though... look at the eyes BEHIND this one!  

I've switched the camera view around so you don't have to see all the junk still on the porch. 
The wheels of remodeling move slowly. 

Keith has been kind enough to run out and check on the birds tonight and fill the water bowl on the porch for the wildings as I am so under the weather. 

Thanks, honey! 


  1. Great shots.

    Take care and heal quickly.

  2. Get well soon Mary Ann! This weather cannot be trusted!
    Great photos of everything!! You and your camera are great buds!

  3. I hope you are better soon Mary Ann, take care of yourself.

  4. Hope you are better soon. Stay warm and get well. Glad you can stay in.

  5. Hope you are feeling better! Take care!

  6. I hope you feel much better today, we never can get bluebirds ever...we wish we could.
    stella rose

  7. My, what lovely photos of birds and such.. Sure hope you feel better soon.. xo

  8. I'm sorry you feel bad. Neat seeing a bunny coming for a drink of water.

  9. I'm sorry you feel bad. Neat seeing a bunny coming for a drink of water.


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