Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In Between the Storms

We are supposed to be hit with a second storm tomorrow, so the dogs and I did our errands this morning. 

First, the library, grocery and gas... the dogs weren't along for this one. 

Then, home to collect them, and off to the feed store. 

I got another 50 lbs of chicken pellets, and 20 pounds of 
scratch... and 3 20 pound bags of Back Yard Blend, oh, and 
a couple of suet bricks. 

I forgot to take more than one picture of the chickens. 

And this blurry one is it!  Miss Silver Brahma is obviously loving the roost. 

All was well in the henhouse, and I have to go back out and shut the 
overhead light off tonight, so we'll see if anyone else is roosting.  As heavy as the 
cochins are, I would be surprised to find them on the roost. 

Looks guilty, doesn't he?  There is still a mess at the old house, lots of construction materials, etc. 

I had just brought the bucket back in from the henhouse, and he had been smelling it all over. 
I asked him what he was smelling, and he did this. 

I always turn the buckets upside down so mice won't get in them. 

Sis went after Jester something awful over by the henhouse, and I had to get on her. 

Something must have died over there, or she was protecting something she had found, but she really went at him. 

She got yelled at, which I rarely, rarely do.  Jester thought it was for him and ran away, he is super-sensitive, and I called him back and told him to chill, which he did.  He stuck close to me for the next fifteen minutes as I carried grain in buckets from the back of the car. 

Jester does what Ranger used to do... patrols the whole pasture fence.  I do keep an eye on him, because he's not as big as the Range. 

Then, as I was walking onto the porch... I heard a noise, an unusual noise. 
I saw a cloud of birds in the distance, but they were going west. 
They looked like a cloud, but it wasn't starlings. 

A minute later, I heard the same noise again, and realized they were coming back and grabbed the camera. 

There were many, many more than these. 

Double click one of these pictures for a look at these beautiful snow geese! 

They went down in one of the bean fields on the other side of Troy's place. 

A lone bluebird wanted some warm water this morning.  (lower right) 

And along came a squirrel... 
the temperature was not 49, by the way. 

But he went for some cooler water in the big fortex. 

You can see that some clouds were beginning to drift over, bringing the snow tomorrow. 

I am not complaining... we need the moisture, and... we have been so blessed to have a light 
winter after two terrible ones. 

I saw a flock of meadowlarks on the way home... I did not know the males had such yellow breasts! 

Thanks to Friend Jill, who identified the snow geese and meadowlarks for me)
(My bird guru) 

Here's our big guy from Friday... and the waters of the Red Sea parted and there was NO traffic coming on Fairmount road, and I was able to stop.  

What a beauty he is! 

Opposite side of the street, and yes, Mr. Hawk, I'm still with you!  

(We went home then). 

Last night's gorgeous full moon... we may not see it tonight, 
with the storm coming in. 

What a beauty... and isn't nature just so beautiful all the time, even it's wrath like the blizzards that have bedeviled our poor northeast... I am constantly in it's awe. 

Keith is, as I write this, over at the VA having another medical procedure, expecting to be home tonight.  These have become so commonplace that he told me to stay home, and I told him to call me if he needs to be driven.  A fact of life... but as he says... it IS life to keep having them! 


  1. Your pictures just put ours to shame. Mom said to tell you she saw another eagle going home the other night....she kept trying to figure out if that was a sign meant just for her.....you know how she gets.......sometimes Maggie and I get into knock down fights also....mom gets really mad.
    stella rose

  2. Great pics!
    I haven't heard the forecast but heard rumblings at school about the snow.
    I guess I thought it was on Thursday that we get the snow.

    Hope Keith is doing well.

    M : )

  3. i sure hope all goes well with keith! so funny that jester thought he was the one getting yelled at!

  4. Your photos are wonderful.

    I stay in awe of every thing Nature throws at us. We have an overabundance of beautiful Red Tails and two or three Bald Eagles. We suspect they may enjoy barn cats for a meal now and then. It is what it is.

    May we all keep on keeping on.

  5. Sure wish Santa Claus would bring us a camera like you have Mary Ann! You really know how to work it!!
    Beautiful photos!
    We always keep Keith in our thoughts,, sending him healing wishes.

  6. Lily is so fortunate to have found you. She seems to have many issues with trust and other dogs and a bit of aggression. You understand her so well and love her despite her flaws. I admire you for that.

  7. Hoping all goes smooth with Keith's procedure.

    Stay warm. They said a small chance of snow flurries here tomorrow. I hope not. People already drive bad here and that kind of weather makes them worse.

  8. We got the second storm her, but it dumped only a small amount of snow compared to the first one which left us with almost a foot of new snow. This one only a couple inches. More is coming our way and subzero temps as well. I had said winter was milder here, but now I have to change my tune. It is very much like last February for us right now. So glad that those procedures are doing their thing and keeping your hubby well.


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