Monday, February 2, 2015


I almost did not take the dogs out today, it was that cold. 

2 degrees above when I got up. 

Only 14 when I left to go to the old place, 

I really thought twice about taking Jes out in the cold, but the 
sun was shining brightly. 

I was glad I did, because the dogs had been in since Friday, because of the bad 
weather over the weekend.  (except for potty breaks)

The cold doesn't bother this girl much... but I watched her, too. 
Ice gets in her pads and hurts her.  She is also 
not getting any younger. 

 I looked up at the com tower while still at the gate, and look who was watching? 

Within seconds of taking this pictures, they lifted off, one by one, and went over my head.  I could not get turned around in the driveway with the sun in my eyes to get the pictures. 

Guess what?  I went back and looked again. 

Five minutes later, they drifted silently across the pasture, quite low, and I immediately looked for Jester.  He was near me, thank heavens. 

These guys are doing great.  I DO have a timer that could turn on the light in the henhouse, if I could figure out how to use it! 

However, the water was fully drinkable with the heater base, and they had food left. 
I am also throwing feed into the bedding to encourage their scratching to keep them busy until they can go out. 

Supposedly, it will be 40 degrees tomorrow!  

And then snow again on Wednesday!  Crazy! 

Lilly did not spend a lot of time down in the pasture today. 

But she did keep an eye on Troy and Kathy's dogs as they barked at the fence. 

Double-click on this picture and you will see the beautiful colors of all these little birds. 
I took another few pounds of feed to them today. 

Tomorrow, I'll run to the feed store early, get wild bird seed and chicken feed, 
and be stocked up for Wednesday's bad weather.  I was not going to get sucked into 
feeding the wildings at the old house... but... 
my gosh, how could I not? 

We have no titmice here at the new house. 

The woodpecker was busy going at the suet cake.  Earlier this winter, 
I bought 5 cakes of suet, and not one bird touched them here at this house. 

I took them out there... or at least, I hung this one, and another in a suet cage on 
a post to it's left.  I can't find the other three anywhere! 

So... I'll pick up some suet tomorrow, too. 

Juncos everywhere, too. 

Females goldfinches at the nyger feeder.  It didn't take them long to remember. 

Here was our friend from the other day on the way home... and I was  not going to turn up the gravel 
to get a closer picture! 

It was mighty cold up on that pole, I'm sure. 

But, we have the promise of spring everywhere around us!  Take Heart!!!

I would like to ask for prayers tonight... a good friend and her family have undergone a series of medical blows that are ongoing... my friend is pretty overwhelmed at the moment, and 
could use the power of prayer to keep her going.  

I know your prayers can help her! 


  1. I'm sure the dogs were happy to be outside. I gave Lucy a haircut last week and I've been putting her in her sweater when she goes outside. Love your bird photos.

  2. Gosh,, it seems crazy why no birds go to your new house??? We cannot even imagine it!!
    It looks mighty cold for sure!!!
    POTP ,, being sent!

  3. We have had a very mild winter and I know this must sound crazy, but I am wishing we had a winter storm around here. To enjoy the beauty of snow , especially when the sun returns , and have a walk with the dogs as they crunch in the snow, see the chickens revel in it, and the wild birds flock to our feeders ~ it is all a special treat and a blessing.

  4. I will be praying for your friend. Be careful in the cold and the ice. I love your bird feeder. My suet feeder is on a separate post from the seed feeder -- and both are very popular with the birds here. The woodpeckers, in particular, like the suet.

  5. Love that last photo. Prayers for your friend.

  6. Prayers for your friend... and we've got the same miserable cold snowy weather here too. I love the beauty of it, but as you know.. the work involved when you have animals can be daunting.

  7. I love the picture of the wood pecker. We have them here too and they do love the suet cakes. Will be praying for your friend. Prayers always do help.

  8. I believe in Prayer. Sorry to hear she is going thru a bad time.

    Great pictures Mary Ann. All that snow makes me cold looking at it.

  9. Thank you Mary Ann for sending out a prayer wish for us, every one helps. we have only got to go out for a little bit, run out, pee and run in....that is about it....I finks all our birds flew to your house cos you have better feed.
    stella rose

  10. Mary Ann,

    It looks cold up there. More snow expected, oh boy. It's cold here too however, there's no snow on the ground.
    Sending prayers for your friend and her family.

  11. We are freezing just thinking about it
    Lily & Edward


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