Friday, February 13, 2015

A Sunny End to the Week

For many weeks, I have been going by a 
road where I had never driven.  I decided to turn 
down it today.  I suspected it connected with a main east-west road. 

This is what I saw coming over the hill.  Beautiful, isn't it? 

There's an odd goose in  here. 

Blue Jay action at the feeder. 

Chore clothes. 
It's pretty warm this morning (it was about 32, I don't know what is 
wrong with the thermometer on the camera) and I don't usually wear
my coat if I have a sweatshirt on.  I should have had gloves on, though. 

Here's our dark redtail taking off from a pole on our way home. 

He went from pole, to pole, to pole. 

This is the beautiful guy down on our corner (or it may be a female!) at 
155th Street. 

He flew to another tree. 

I forgot to tell you... I'm calling this guy Rooster Cogburn now. 
He makes Cogburnish noises. 

He would still love to fight his rival on the other side. 

He does, however, since last night, have a heated dog water bowl to keep 
him in drinkable water.  If, on Sunday, it is as stormy and 
cold as they say it will be... I will be resting easy, knowing that both sides
have plentiful food and potable water.  

Notice the hen looking out?  That's still the most they have done. 

You can see what a run in the sun does for our little Jester!  


  1. Thank goodness for some sun puddles. The hawk is amazing
    Lily & Edward

  2. i just love all of your animals and how you take care of them!

  3. I forgot about the grave roads in Kansas! Seeing that first picture reminds me of when I visited my sister who lived there years ago.
    You got some great shots of the hawk!

  4. It's been a long time since I've been able to be outside with only a sweatshirt. Layers and layers here topped with a down coat is what keeps me warm. I'm like your little one in the chair most evenings. Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day !

  5. We love the country roads over in Chase County, but the rocks on their country roads are rough on tires.

    I wonder what the story is with that domestic goose?

  6. Stay safe with our upcoming winter storm.

    M : )

  7. You are a good chicken momma Mary Ann.

    Jester sure looks happy in that chair.

  8. You and your camera are a great team! Beautiful photos!


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