Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Lots 'O Pictures Post

Yes, friends, this is the One That Started It All. 

And it still goes on. 

You of a certain age will remember the men who led 
ponies up and down city streets in the fifties, and for 2 or 3 dollars (maybe five) your 
parents could get a picture of you dressed like a cowgirl or cowboy.  This pony 
came by our home several times a year... and I begged and begged each time. 

I treasure this picture because I have so few of 
Kathleen and me when we were little. 

And no, Kathleen would not get on the pony... too scary! 

This was the start of my life-long love of horses. 

That was a well-turned out pony, with great hooves... and obviously well-cared-for and loved. 

The last two days featured temps in the 30's and 40's, Friday and Saturday, respectively, and 
none of the freezing drizzle we were predicted.  The dogs had a great run yesterday. 

I think Lilly covered every square inch of the pasture. 

I opened the side door of the henhouse in the good weather, and 
everyone immediately began to dust bathe. 

Uh huh.  Don't let this look fool you. 

This hen went out, and actually descended to the ground. 

She was out ALL NIGHT.  It dropped from 49 to 18! 

I went by after church, around 5:10.  I stayed until 6:30... she WOULD NOT COME IN, and 
frankly, after it got dark, I couldn't even see her, since she was one of the black girls. 

I finally gave up, shut the pophole, and came home. 
I did put straw in the doghouse that used to shelter the ducks in that yard. 

She was fine this morning... and I caught her with a new 
fishing net (the pole type) in two minutes. 

They are not going out today, it's too cold, and going to be bitter tonight. 

Silver did go out for a little bit. 

In this henhouse, the hens must descend either the steps or a ramp on the left to get to the ground. 

Rooster Cogburn's heated dog bowl is working great, and 
I am so using it here next winter, on our patio. 

Note double-yolker on the left.  In 20 years of chicken-keeping, 
I have had less than ten double yoked eggs. 

It was the big egg I collected Friday. 

And now... the hawk pictures.  I did not see many hawks this week, with the 
weather so overcast and cold.  They made up for it yesterday. 

And over our own pasture, a double delight! 

Today's last picture... a Northern Flicker at 
the flat feeder this morning. 

Though it was cloudy at 9 AM... the sun is trying to come 
out right now.  It looks like we have another week of bitter cold at night, and 
medium temps in the 20's and 30's during the day. 

Today marks the end of the Sunday Kansas City Star magazine.  

It began publication in 1970 (I was 20).  
I can't believe they are stopping it, but frankly, 
I'm surprised they are still printing the paper. 
Yes, we still subscribe, though the cost is going up. 
Things change, don't they? 

Last "Grantchester" tonight, and my, how I enjoyed it...
and second-to-last Downton, which is losing me this year. 

Academy Awards?  I'll watch a little before PBS.  

Have a great Sunday evening! 


  1. Good afternoon~

    I have enjoyed seeing your pictures of your animals. We used to have 23 chickens but this past summer/fall we had a black bear problem and all but three of our ladies went to fatten him up for the winter :( We have not had an issue with hawks in our area. Do they bother your hens?

    I pray you are keeping warm!


  2. The Oscars are on at a very unsocialable time here in Ireland as we are 5 hours ahead of you. I won't be watching live but look forward to hearing the winners tomorrow.

  3. I am jealous of your great hawk photos! Yesterday a red-tail was soaring overhead on the stiff breeze, evening light making him look like a red-body. My little camera was not up to the task; you could have done it justice!

  4. i would just die to have those fresh eggs!

  5. I am happy you get to have chickens and eggs again. Even if it is temporary. Enjoy

  6. I love that picture of you on the pony. I would have begged my parents for a ride too if ponies had come down our street (in the 60s)

  7. Beautiful photos Mary Ann! Jester and Lilly and the chickens,, and hawks.!
    I heard there are still place that take ponys around to birthday partys!

  8. I love double yolk eggs. There use to be a fruit stand that got them. They don't have them any more and I miss them.

    It's yucky here and might freeze up tonight.

  9. I had never heard of them doing that with ponies...we lived in the country though and did not get a horse even tho we asked all the time for one. Your pictures are so good mary ann, I enjoy them so much.
    stella rose


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