Friday, February 20, 2015

A Respite

For some reason, this is a respite day, in between the storm action! 

Even though our local weathercaster told us early this morning that the 
predicted drizzle would come early... we have still not seen it here. 
We are, however, under another Winter Storm Advisory, and the drizzle should 
be coming tonight, freezing overnight. 

Update at 5:00 PM... it has started raining here. 

I am not complaining... we don't live in Boston! 

Today is Love Your Pets Day... and oh, how we do: 

Our wonderful Jester who loves to snuggle in blankets. 

Our beautiful Lilly Ann, laying at my side as I type this. 

Two eggs from yesterday. Look at the difference in the size! 

We have been using them daily for Keith's breakfasts, as he 
must eat lots of protein.  Look at that big egg!  It was laid by 
Silver, the dark Brahma. 

Silver and one of the black hens have finally started using the nestbox, and I got a 
lovely egg from each nest hole today. 

This black hen still prefers to make a nest on the floor, and she also gave us a beautiful brown egg. 

As we left today, another black hen had gone to this nest and settled herself down. 

We stayed out at the old house about an hour and a half, since it was in the mid-thirties... and the dogs had a great run, and I got a lot done, refreshing all the water, spreading feed, putting some new straw and hay down for the chickens, and then lugging some feed over for the wild birds. 
They are getting a cheaper mixture until next week. 

I did take some pictures. 

House finches, juncoes, chickadees, and a lady cardinal coming to eat. 

She has the cutest topknot! 

The reason they are REDTAILS. 

This is our bird at the old house. 

This one was on 174th street. (a dirt road) 

Hard to get good pictures in the dim light. 

This one was 200 feet further down the road. 

Yet another 200 feet further. 

This guy was at 163rd and Donohoo, and we saw our big 
hawk on our own corner, but in a place where I could not get a look at him. 

After being unable to hunt regularly in the nasty cold for the last few days, they 
were all out today taking advantage of the warmer temps. 

Yesterday's beautiful sunrise: 

God is good. 


  1. Gorgeous sunrise! Glad you got a respite.

  2. Happy Love Your Pets Day Mary Ann!!!

    We see you know how to do it up right!!

    beautiful sunset! Yay for rain!

  3. I loved seeing all the pictures but the sunset really caught my eye. Nice to have a respite between storms. It's snow here once more.

  4. The folks in the East and South have had a rough Winter for sure! Prayers for them.

    Pics are great as usual. :)

    Take are.

    M :)

  5. Mary Ann,

    Beautiful pictures!
    Wow, talk about some nice looking eggs.

  6. My non-chicken friends have such a hard time believing me when I tell them how much better fresh eggs are.

    Great pics.

  7. We know you love each of your pets and they love you!
    stella rose


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