Friday, February 6, 2015

56 Degres!

Honestly, this week has been all over the place... from bitter cold to 56 today, and 
supposedly going to the 60s tomorrow! 

The sun was back. 

And the animals were sure enjoying it. 

Jester did some more serious investigation of the chickens. 

When I got out there this afternoon, I found that the two roosters had been 
fighting.  The black rooster, the older of the two, had come out the worse for wear. 
He also seems to be having some trouble walking, so I am going to take a good look at him tomorrow. I put him in the feed room so he could see everyone, but not interact with them, to give the roosters time to calm down.  Tomorrow, I am propping the side door open and encouraging them to all go out for the day.  

The blue rooster crowed.. and crowed... and crowed... so I think they are finally settled in. 
Jester's ears... went back and forth and back and forth, and he came and stood by me as the rooster crowed.  I got it on my cell phone, but I can't get it to send, it's too long, 24 seconds. 

Here is the vanquished. 

This is the winner of the fight, 

The hens could not have cared less. 

There was not as much action at the feeder, with the good weather. 

But we were rewarded on the way home! 
(friend Jill and I concur this could be a juvenile redtail... or possibly a female) 

Tomorrow, the dogs and I will go out early so that 
we can prop the side door of the henspa open, and try to get the 
birds to go out for the day. 

We'll see if that happens.  I'm hoping the black rooster does not decide to hide underneath, because I sure don't want to low-crawl in the mud. 

I'll swing by on my way home from church tomorrow afternoon to lock them up. 

Still trying to figure out how to get a video to post! 


  1. What a crystal-clear photo of the hawk you got!

    The only way I have been able to successfully show videos on my blog is to upload them to, then use the embedding code.

  2. I do love to hear a rooster crow. When I go to visit one of my son's I always hear one in the morning and it is such a cheery sound. Glad you are warming up so nicely there. They say we should hit 40 this weekend before it drops back in the 20's on Monday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend !

  3. Enjoy it while it lasts, you just KNOW we're not gonna get off THIS easy! lol

  4. I imagine the crowing hurt the dogs ears. I know it hurts mine. Roosters need to learn their inside voice. Glad you can give them some more space. It is horrible to be closed up with a bully.

  5. shoot, crazy weather. I was in sandals, shorts and a Tee yesterday.

    earlier in the week, was wearing arctic wear

    FANTASTIC picture of the hawk.


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