Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Something Besides Hawks

Crocus Alert!!!!!

February 10!!!!

However, we're dipping back down to single digits at night this weekend. 
I am NOT overjoyed about that, since I have a lone rooster that can't be 
put in where the heated water is.  

Still trying to figure that out. 

The little ponds have all thawed again since we had such good weather these last few days... but I imagine the geese will have to head back to the big lakes for a few days to find open water. 

This Northern Flicker was in the maple tree at the old house.  NOTE BUDS. 

Note under the black hen.

I've gotten 3 eggs now!  Three days in a row! 

Even with the side door propped open again, 
all the chickens were in when we went out tonight to 
shut the door.  Two had ventured onto the porch... but none had 
gone down to the ground. 

This little woodpecker was busy on the dying walnut tree. 

Oh, yes, we saw our dark hawk. 

These ladies passed me the other morning.  I stopped the car to make sure they saw me... you can see the wave telling me to come ahead.  What a beautiful morning they had to ride... this was the day that went to 63 degrees. 

Love it! 


  1. yay,,,, a little sign here and there that spring is coming.
    fantastic photos!

  2. Looks like it was a lovely day for a ride, on horseback or in the car! You are getting such good photos of the birds.

  3. what great news about the chickens! they must be feeling so much better. what is going on at the other lady's house with the rest of them?

  4. I know somewhere under the piles of snow we have there are lots of bulbs just waiting to sprout. How nice to see a sign of Spring there where you are. Fresh eggs would be very nice too ! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. Mary Ann,

    What a gorgeous day to be outside riding horses, and watching birds.

  6. I always love to see the crocus bloom!

    Enjoy those eggs. The ladies are obviously happy in their new environment :)

  7. Our road is too busy to ride on. I end up going to the arena or riding at home in our arena.

    It's going to be 25 Friday morning.


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